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Greetings! I'm Brazilian and I'm looking for the score of Song of Exile by Caitlin Matthews from the movie King Arthur. Can anybody help me?
Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you guys know that I have started a new competition group of sorts - MusiComp Prompts, aka MCP. The goal is to foster friendly competitions and grow as musicians! :DEach week I will be releasing different "composition prompts" in different categories (Theory, Concept, Emotion, and Story) for you guys to compose something in response. I have rubrics and will judge responses submitted in the time limit, but you can respond to a prompt whenever you would like just for fun.Anyway, Week #1's four prompts were released a few days ago, and are now open to submissions, if anyone is interested!If you are interested in participating in any manner - from submitting responses to judging responses - please contact me, comment on this discussion, or check out our group! y'all! Happy composing! :)


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