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Hello,      I would like some feedback on these two pieces. you,Loveballet!
I am working on a Nocturne as you probably know from my previous post here. Well, I have the first theme melody and bass down but I have no idea where to have the pedal marked except at the ending measure where it is all tonic harmony.Here is the link to my nocturne:
Please, can anyone extract the full piano chords for this song: only main chords but full sheet for piano.Thank you so much

The Last DovesFlight

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Flute(3), Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, French Horn(2), Alto Saxophone, Bassoon, Trumpet(2), Voice(4), Percussion(15), Synthesizer(11), Piano, Harpsichord, Guitar(5), Bass(3), Harp, Violin, Strings(4), Cello, Contrabass, Other Woodwinds


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Violin(2), Oboe, French Horn, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harp, Voice(4), Timpani, Strings
Lift-off (WIP)
Custom audio

Lift-off (WIP)

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Flute, Oboe(2), Clarinet(2), Bassoon(2), Guitar(2), Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(5), Strings, Sound effects(3), Piano(3), Harpsichord

Cod E

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Piano, Harpsichord, Strings, Percussion