Sheet music for Timpani with 6 instruments

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Hi all of 2 other members (biggest group EVER)! Please invite other people to this group, as it would make it grow and I would appreciate it. Thank you!
Can someone give me advice on a score I made? Link:
If anyone is interested, I recently created a new group called Percussion Solo and Duet Repertoire. I want the group to store as much percussion repertoire as possible that only requires on or two players to perform. This can also includes pieces that feature a percussion soloist (Ex: Bob Becker's Bye Bye Medley and Emmanuel Sejourne's Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra). Here's the link if anyone is interested in joining:


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Keyboard, Timpani, Percussion, Voice(2), Synthesizer


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Violin(2), Cello, Contrabass, Percussion, Timpani