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So in this video at 2:20 this guy Jonah plays this song called In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington could someone transcribe this, It's a beautiful piece you guys would love it.
I started studying trumpet in 2010, when It was arrround 2016 I got sick and didn´t preactice for almost a month, since then I can´t play higher notes, it has already been 2 years studying and I still can´t play them, what should I do?
Could someone make a trombone sheet music peice of “baby im yours” (the meme one)? The whole song would be fantastic, but anything you can do is fine
dans rondo
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dans rondo

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M&LBIS Battle

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Pancreas - "Weird Al"

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Drum Corps Show WIP

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Zelda DCI show (WIP)

Zelda DCI show (WIP)

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