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I have loved Poulenc's music (especially his piano music) since I was a small child, and I just wonder if anyone else shares my appreciation for his music. 
Write here your recommodations for songs and transcribes
Hello Music Fans I am wondering if Y'all want to join with our group and become bigger? Our group contain many cool nice, vocaloid music like Miku Hatsune to anime song like "I am a believer" Haikyuu, "Crossing Field" Sword Art Online..etcAnime/Video/Game/Musicsheet and Score. Group grain 77 members in about 25 weeks! This is very fast in graining members in a short amount of time compare to others greater group that have been created way before our group did, Our goal is to reach 500 members in 2 years and become one of the most popular anime music group. So What do you say? And join us being one of the great of the greatest.Group LeaderMusic Project Ceo/Manager Music Engineer,AnimeMuseScore©2013

Walking By

7 parts4 pages00:3926 days ago12 views
Piano, Strings(2), Percussion, Keyboard, Timpani, Bass

Bad Wake

7 parts6 pages01:042 months ago30 views
Guitar(2), Keyboard, Trumpet, Other woodwinds, Percussion(2)

You know I'm no good

7 parts35 pages03:464 months ago119 views
Trumpet(2), Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Piano, Keyboard, Bass


7 parts9 pages01:17a year ago499 views
Keyboard, Percussion, Violin, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Voice

Trampled Under Foot

7 parts90 pages05:29a year ago157 views
Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Accordion, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion

It's a Short Life

7 parts42 pages04:15a year ago207 views
Tenor Saxophone, Keyboard, Piano, Percussion, Bass, Guitar

It's not easy

7 parts11 pages00:51a year ago220 views
Guitar, Percussion, Bass(2), Keyboard, Strings, Synthesizer