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Hi! Ha... I sort of just started Musescore and haven't really had a chance to explore and create things yet so give me some time. Thank you so much for your interest in joining I'm really happy that you found it to your liking and it encouraged me a lot. Thank you!Sincerely, Nickel 
Hello, composers! So, for your original hymns that you write in MuseScore, I recommend you format them a specific way so that they fit nicely in a songbook and the words are not too small. To make it easy on you, you should create a 'style' that you load into every hymn you write. I recommend opening up a new, blank score, going to Format > Page Settings, and changing the 'width' to 139.70mm and 'height' to 215.90mm. Then change the 'Staff Space' to 1.118mm. Then I recommend going to Format > Style > Page and changing the 'Min. system distance' to 5.0sp. Then to Format > Page Settings > Measure Numbers, and uncheck 'measure numbers.' THEN to Format > Page Settings > Header, Footer, and, under 'Footer Text,' delete any time you see "$p" and delete "$:copyright:" from the 'even' row.Finally, I would go to Format > Save Style, and save all this information as "hymn" somewhere you will remember. This way, every time you begin writing a new hymn, all you need to do is click Format > Load Style, and load up your "hymn" style. All this information you just input will be immediately applied to your hymn to make it look good and fit nicely into a songbook.I learned all this the hard way when I put my congregation's supplementary songbook together. I didn't format the songs this way and they all turned out with the words too small and the page only being able to fit a maximum of four lines. Don't be Haden. Be smart.
After years of absence came up with sth new check it out!!This is normally a song for guitar acoustic and electric on viola and cello. Though I can post the lyrics I don't know how to synchronise them with every note. Any ideas or suggestions for lyrics is welcome indeed. Thank you!

Must Be Santa

5 parts6 pages01:282 months ago18 views
Bassoon, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Voice


5 parts10 pages03:443 months ago12 views
Voice, Piano, Viola, Percussion, Bassoon


5 parts22 pages03:465 months ago1 views
Flute, Bassoon, Voice(2), Piano

Star Dance

5 parts9 pages03:09a year ago58 views
Voice, Flute, Bassoon, Percussion, Piano