Sheet music for Trumpet, Flute, Harmonica with 3 instruments

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Flutes are AWESOME!!!!!!

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I would like to see who would be willing to work on this. We can even have some people just make melodies and others orchestrate them. I am thinking of these for movements:I Nicht zu Langsam-Schnell mit Wut (Relative Italian: Adagietto -Allegro con fuoco)II Langsam (IT: Lento)III Scherzo: Munter und Schnell (IT:Vivace) Trio: Gehend (Andante)IV Finale: Lebendig und Brilliant (Allegro con Brio)
Hello, I am an intermediate flute player who recently got addicted to old classical music. Anyone know any good classical songs I should learn? I've currently learnt Badinerie, Alla turca and Canon in D. Thanks :D
Hi I’m new, I need some slow songs to practice my tone.Thx