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 Arrival and Transformation of the Birds
Hey guys! Thanks for being patient with us posting this!Your challenge is simple! Create a theme that represents the beginning of spring!Not too hard right? And please make sure the duration of your song is at least a minute.We are so excited to see what you guys create!Remember, what’s most important, is to have fun! Now go compose some music!Also, an FYI, we are still excepting signups through tomorrow (Feb 28th). But we are no longer accepting signups when March starts. The challenge ends in exactly a month (March 27th).Another FYI:We did not receive scores from everyone that signed up last month.So this challenge, we are adding a new... feature, you could say.Through March 3rd, you have the option of backing out of the challenge if you desire. Please don’t back out after this date, as it can be hard for me and John to contact you if you haven’t completed the score, and the challenge has ended. Thank you for your cooperation.Now, go compose! I’m so excited to see what you guys create for this challenge.Good luck!-JayMake sure remember the deadline! If you haven't sent in a score 3 days before the deadline, me or Jay will send you a private message reminding you. Remember, what we're looking for is a happy, bright kind of a feel in your score. May the best score win, and I am so excited to hear you guys! May the challenge begin!! Best of luck!-John# OF DAY(S) LEFT: 4
I am a huge fan of percy jackson (the books) and i was wondering if anyone else was too. 

Cantina Band

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Piano(2), Percussion(2), Strings, Tuba, Trombone