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So this morning, I went to this class, and the teacher (who’s got a masters in guitar performance) started out by asking me my hobby. I said playing music (no duh) and he asked if I thought I could convert, or convince someone else that my hobby is fun, and make them do it. I said “I think I could convince someone that it’s fun”. And he said “Then do it”. I said that I’d probably have to play something to really do it. And he told me to come up, because luckily there was a piano in the classroom. I sat down, and told them that I will prove that piano is fun, and I played All Of Me by Jon Schmidt. Except I played it quicker, and added fun stuff like glissandos. It was really fun. But everyone loved it, and one guy just said “SOLD! SHOW ME YOUR WAYS!” Any fun music stories that you have?
I've been stuck with composer's block for a while, and while I do try to compose material, I feel as though I don't have an idea in mind that unifies my WIP pieces together. I usually like to have a scene or image in mind when I compose, but I can't seem to think of anything. Are there any tips that you all have in coming up with an idea for your song/piece? I feel as though I need something (like an image or saying) for inspiration, but I don't have anything in mind.
The 2 online sharing modes do not have the same characteristics and it is embarrassing.If I understand correctly, but I could be wrong:From the program: File Menu>Save online does not allow you to specify the public origin of the source and therefore to obtain the PD label and its blue icon. On the other hand, it has the advantage of being able to integrate a custom audio that can be downloaded.From the Upload of the site it's exactly the opposite: PD Label accessible but no custom audio (except for a link to a video posted on YouTube that can be listened to but not downloaded).These significant differences force the user to juggle between the two modes and sometimes to add them up according to what he wants to achieve.For example if I want to get both PD and Custom audio labels I have to 1° use the Upload of the site for the PD label,2° copy the URL of the partition, 3° open the partition in MuseScore, 4° paste this URL in the Properties Source line (file menu) 5° File Making>Save Online6° Check the "Custom audio" boxA harmonisation of the two modes would therefore be welcome