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For any of you who don't know how to play this game, here are the rules:There is a game master (I call him/her that :) ) who makes the scenario and finalizes players' actions.THE GAME MASTER CANNOT PLAY THE GAME SO THE DECISIONS ARE FAIR.There are players who say what they wanna do in the scenarios and roll the six die (only 1 die)Then depending on the die roll the game master decides what the player does based on the number.1- worst, 6- best, you are going to succeed in your actionSo let's say our boat is sinking and i wanna hammer planks on the holes so we don't sink and i roll the die and get a 1, the game master probably will say I hit my finger with the hammer or the planks didn't work.There are also additional rules, like defense rolls, when you attack another player and they get to roll to defend themselves.The game ends when you are tired.SO WHY NOT PLAY THIS GAME?I will be the game master.Our scenario is gonna be a haunted theme park on an island.You are near the entrance.You are the player.Use this website for the dice:!numbers=1&sides=6&length=1&last_roll_only=false&totals_only=false&start=truePLEASE DO NOT CHEAT AND BE HONEST AND SAY THE NUMBER YOU GOT.I will try to be as active as possible for this.You will say ur action in the comments and then say the number you got after that.Then I will reply with what actually happenedHope this works.Let's begin.
i'm bored so here's a game me and my friends have playedit's kinda like those games you play where you have to have the first letter of your word (zebra) be the last letter of for new word (ape). however, there's a catch. you have to keep the words in the same category. however, if you do a word (lion) that has the same first letter as the last letter in the original word and same last letter as the first letter in your word (narwhal), then you get to change the topic! if you need further clarifying, just ask. :)1st topic- Animals2nd topic - Colors3rd topic (current!) - Hobbies

Nice Guys Band Version

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Flute(2), Clarinet(3), Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Percussion(2), Trumpet(2), Tuba