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1) What if Cat Noir hand touched an akuma whilst having a cataclysm? 2) If Ladybug gets akumatised, does that mean that Hawk Moth has already won, since no-one can catch the akuma, neither use the Miraculous Ladybugs to repair everything?3) How has Ladybug and Cat Noir not been spotted by anyone transforming halfway? 4) Since Ladybug gets so many Miraculous from Fu, could she have more than one Miraculous? Like the Ladybug and the Turtle? 5) Wouldn't big enemies like Stoneheart and Gorizilla be useless, since their hands are too big to grab their Miraculous? Especially shown in Gorizilla, where he tries to grab Ladybug's Miraculous whilst holding Adrien? 6) In Timetagger, it was shown that Alix's watch was actually a Miraculous. If Miraculous are indestructible, then how did it break TWICE in Timebreaker?? 7) And then where would Bunnyx be? 8) How in 'Reflekdoll', did a Cataclysm not break the sentimonster? Are you telling me that Fu is lying about the Cat's power? 9) In 'Style Queen', Plagg could do a very powerful Cataclysm which destroyed most of Paris. Could Tikki possibly do a OP Lucky Charm, Wayzz do a OP Shelter, and so on...?
So I have a friend who gets incredibly bossy whenever they try to take care of a problem, and it irritates anyone else who is also trying to fix the problem. We have tried to tell her but she doesn't listen, instead she gets incredibly passive aggressive and gets mad at us for things we aren't even doing. Then she gets in this mood where anything you say to her is met with a snarky comeback or degrading comment. WHAT DO I DO?

Journey to Alpha Centauri

31 parts17 pages03:566 months ago41 views
Piccolo, Flute(2), Oboe(2), Bassoon(2), Clarinet(4), Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(3), French Horn(2), Trombone(3), Tuba(2), Contrabass, Timpani, Percussion(4)

Warm Winter, Cool Summer

10 parts41 pages05:173 years ago190 views
Trumpet, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Percussion(2), Synthesizer, Bass

Into the Dream

25 parts23 pages03:396 years ago1,004 views
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet(3), Bassoon, Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone(2), Tuba(2), Contrabass, Timpani, Percussion(6)