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There's almost always a funny moment in school. I've already had a lot in this first four weeks! Here's a couple from music appreciation class today:1. The professor was discussing terrace dynamics because only 5 (Including myself! Yeehaw!) out of 140 students raised their hands to show that we knew what they were. He drew a crescendo on the whiteboard and asked us what it was...Class: A crescend.....Professor *proceeding to draw a circle around it*: WRONG, IT'S A PACMAN!!!!2. The professor was showing us a picture of a Baroque room. He asked us to express our observations about certain decorations and features. When we got to the floor, the professor asked, "What shape is on the floor?"Super smart freshman guy who's probably 16 years old and obviously has a crush on me *throwing his arm in the air*: Rhombuses! 
I saw a picture of a koala recently and it looked so fluffy and I want to hold one now. Y'all know where I can find one? lol
If you guys want to play smash bros with me I use discord to communicate and I am usually on the Super Smash Central discord. Please join and have fun playing Smash. :)