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I wrote a poem to go with this music I had but Musescore won't let me add lyrics so I'm including them here.  I thought about giving this to my nephew as a wedding present but I want to know if it's any good. now I never knew more than momentsUntil now I never knew more than meUntil now I never knew a song could be found in silence.Until now I never dreamed I'd wake upUntil now I never dreamed out loudUntil now I never looked into the crowd and found silence.We forever, without you never.  We will come togetherand hold onto what ever, who ever, where everwe find behind the silence.
I've tried to inquire about this in the past, but always to no avail, with nary a response from the staff. Hopefully this time will be different...Yesterday I finally decided to start using the "public domain" marker for the five hundred or so public domain transcriptions available on my profile because I was forced to choose between "public domain" and "non-public domain" after I made a typo in a score description and wanted to update it. I went through and selected "public domain" for a sizable number of scores -- about thirty or so -- and entered the title and composer's name for each one as requested.This morning, I awoke to find that the PD label had disappeared from over half of the scores I had marked. All of the works in question are in the public domain, and I'd entered the exact title and composer for each one, so -- what happened? Is there any way to correct this?Examples of scores that reverted to non-PD: last one is really egregious because it's the regional anthem of the US Virgin Islands, which if I remember correctly is explicitly placed by law into the public domain.)
Hi all, i've been trying to upload a new piece I am working on and have filled every field in but when i click the upload button, nothing happens!I've been trying since yesterday and its getting really frustrating!Please Help!thanks, Pika0007


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