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I know there is probably a “discussion” out there, but I’m lazy.Not to be rude or anything, but a couple people, not gonna chat any names, but they kinda confused me though.
Also, how do you add pieces?
I'm not sure if this is an issue with the website or the software.I have a private score with custom audio that I used to be able to upload just fine using the 'Save Online' option in the software. It uses the Salamander Grand piano soundfont along with the native musescore soundfont. More than a week back most all attempts to upload this score using the 'Save Online' option have appeared to succeed on the software side,  but going to the web score has resulted in 'Score is being processed' for hours on end, and then eventually a 'Page Not Found'. Deleting the web score, copying my local file under a new name, and doing a new 'Save Online' worked once, but further attempts to both update the score or create an entirely new one (repeating the aforementioned deletion-resave process) have spun endlessly on the web score.This issue is very similar to some people's issues mentioned in the comments in this discussion: