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There are pro users who eventually stop using Musescore (maybe they've stopped making music or moved to a different platform.) I think that if they stop their subscription for that reason, their scores should not been removed and instead kept in an archival state (perhaps archive/archival should be an account type). Also for free members, it would be nice if we could post our scores and if we go over a score is hidden. This means that if I choose to go pro, my scores will pop up, keeping their stats at the time. It would also be better if I could choose which score is hidden. 
 noting in the section of palette and hopefully can put the tempo on a staff not only above the 1st instrument 
The Velvet Forest
Original composition

The Velvet Forest

27 parts5 pages00:568 months ago65 views
Piano, Guitar(2), Bass, Percussion(21), Timpani, Synthesizer