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One day I was on Roblox (yes, people STILL play it) and I was playing Phantom Forces (pretty dank game) and I was just doing it how I normally do until I start to get killed over and over again by some level 15's and 25's with BGF 50's AND Ballistics trackers! (if you don't know, on the game you don't get a BGF 50 till level 60 ish and you don't get the Ballistics tracker will 45 ish!) These boi's basicly just stole their moms credit card to buy guns on a GAME! So, I do what any normal person would do if this happened to them and I said to them,"Why the BT on a BGF 50?!" Then about 2 min. later, I see that they are trying to vote kick ME! FOR NO REASON! *REEEEE!* So what about you guys?(sorry this was so ling! XD )
This is the second time this has happened to me. It’s when you see you have a new message, you go to view it, and it says “page not found” because that person turned messages off. Can there at least be a setting where you can read the message, but not reply? It would be greatly appreciated.
All Skittles taste exactly the same. They have different colors and smells which makes us think they taste different. If you don't believe me look it up or do a blind, scentless taste test of skittles