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there was a caton a tablethe table was five feet away from the counter.on the counter was tunathe cat sees the tunathe most delicious thing in the worldit walks on eager paws ready to pouncethen sees the backs up runs and jumps paws extended for its delicious treat.........what happens next?(continue cat story)
hey! so i just composed two pieces, and i'm not looking to change anything but i wrote these for my girlfriend and i just wanna share these pieces, i know they're not the most mature sounding piano pieces but i've been trying to find my own style and as a 16 y/o it's like pretty oof but anyways, here they are:
Aight, first of all...sorry we kinda forgot about it lol...I couldn't do much cause of IB exams...and then afterwards I kinda forgot so uh...yeah sorry about that :PSo! The final round of the third RSA contest has been judged, and the winner issssss....*drumroll*mnmwert!Congrats to mnmwert! His submissions for both components of this contest as well as his profile link will be featured in the group description for a month, his name and score will be included in the RSA hall of fame, and the group banner will soon be changed to congratulate him :DAnyway, here are the results! Scores are averages of the individual scores given by each judge.1. mnmwert - 8.5/102. Kyle Soliz - 8.1/10 (included bonus point for being the first submission)3. Mr. Peabody - 6.9/10 - yours was actually really good but unfortunately you got deducted 0.5 for every time you broke the rules sooo ._.Here are the discussions detailing the contest: contest - included large number of contestants) round - included contestants whose results are listed above)