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Let's play a game similar to the "word game" where you go down the alphabet saying words such asantbearcardeeretc...but instead we only do musical terms or references.
What is your opinion on this? When a kid is misbehaving, is spanking an appropriate response when no other methods work? Are there any better methods of making a child listen to you, or is this the most effective one?
Lots of people are copying scores from IMSLP to Musescore but it is not always easy to keep these transciptions mistake free. Sometimes is easy to spot mistakes for people who know the pieces just by listening them, so I created the group  Proofread Me.This group is aimed to two kind of people: copysts that want their work proofread and people who want to spare a couple of minutes to spot any mistake on those transciptions.Just upload here the scores you want to get checked (or send a link to them), or join this group if you want to help proofreading the submited scores.

Marble Machine-Wintergatan

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