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For example, im called russian spy cause im russian
WE GOT 16 PEOPLE... THE BATTLE IS FINALLY STARTING!!This battle is a tournament. I tried to make the same level of piano players against each other. (If you were playing 5 years, I put you against someone that was playing for 5 years)1st Round: In the first round, the song i am assigning is any song you want to play. (Literally any song) How I will be grading:I will be grading on how difficult the piece is and how flawlessly you play it.I will give you a grade out of 100.The person with the better grade moves on to the second round.Link with the bracket: on a phone or laptop and upload it to your files. Then, submit it in the Google Form below. (If you have any problems message me) due date is Friday, November 22 by 12:00 AM (Eastern TIme) If you don't turn it in, or turn it in late, the other person will win no matter what.UPDATE:I made a website with all of the necessary information. It is a lot more convenient for me and for y'all. The link is: you go on the website, make an account
I seem to like writing these despite not liking history that much... August of 2017, I joined discord...woohoo, exciting. But it was pretty awesome talking to so many people I knew on musescore. Sadly, a week later, I got kicked off by my parents for privately messaging people I didn't know in person. Well...I'd enjoyed those conversations a lot, and was pretty salty. So I looked for alternate places to have random conversations. That's when I made this group. I invited those I'd been chatting with on discord, as well as some other good friends I had on musescore at the time (see first 10 or so members of group). Well, obviously, discord is much faster for chatting than musescore, so this group soon went inactive.A few weeks later, the group got a few more members (we now had 13 members in total) and we were able to get some short conversations going. In an attempt to get more people to talk, I made an "admin contest", where you had to share the most embarrassing moment of your life (and the funniest story won). So that's how Ruby Liz was made an admin.One day in October, Ruby Liz decided to do a contest. So...the point was to see who could make the best score with a time limit of 30 mins (Congrats Skylighter for winning that one). I made an entry too, and added it to the groups I was in. So because of that, this group got its first surge of members; I think it went up to around 30 something.At around the end of October, there a massive argument with 100+ comments because someone swore in confusion but was misinterpreted as trying to attack someone. Unfortunately, I was at school at the time this happened. Luckily, it settled down pretty quickly and in the end everyone was fine. To help settle the atmosphere in here, I posted some friendly discussions so everyone could chat. That kinda helped the group grow a little. I put the details here:, by then I started posting more discussions in here because it was actually showing potential of being successful (unlike my other groups, both of which are pretty much inactive). Other people started making discussions too, and RSA was no longer dependent on me to stay active. The member count slowly went up to 60. It hit 60 members around March 15.AND THEN.... Arial the Font decided to do a magic trick involving numbers.Mnmwert and Kenobiingondolin2019 began spamming math jokes, which turned into spamming millions (literally) of digits of pi, e, phi, etc. The spam spread to other discussions as well.It was around this time Musescore got that Community feature.The spammers were spamming so often that at any given time, half the discussions in the community section were from this group. They even pulled in MORE spammers (Big Pig and SSS5) to spam with them. Unsurprisingly, that caused this group to gain 90 members in a week.By then, the spam was getting out of hand, as they would make computers lag for at least 5 mins. So I started deleting the comments, but the spammers were spamming so much I couldn't delete fast enough (I had to wait until all the spam LOADED before I could delete the comments). So I kicked the four main spammers out of the group as a prank (I sent them new invites), then deleted a whole bunch of spam in peace.When the spammers got back, they decided to start a "rebellion" against me (this was just some role play). I was the "evil dictator" while Lizzapie, mnmwert, Kenobiingondolin2019, and several others were the rebels fighting for "democracy." Now, this rebellion thing was a HUGE hit. It made the group active to the point where you could literally post a comment, refresh the page after 5 seconds, and have a reply. Other than the rebellion, other people were also making discussions, which made this group even MORE active (and we still had people spamming, though not as much as before).This group was so active that musescore's crappy spam-detection thing deleted it.Everyone thought this group was completely gone, so I made a second RSA (this was yesterday) with a no spam rule. But then VGA noticed that Musescore Composers, the most popular group on the site, was also deleted, so we figured it could be some sort of bug deleting our group. So Kenobiingondolin2019 posted a discussion in Improving about the missing groups and they were restored.So that's why there are two RSA's.Update: sometime in May...idkMember count: approx. 220The second RSA, as of now, is pretty much inactive. As for this group, it's growing quickly, with 220+ members now and new discussions posted daily.Update: June 27, 2018Member count: 291So this group was going pretty smoothly, being its insanely active (but not as active as March) self. But then one day, a user called "The Dookis Supreme" showed up and plagiarized a piece by Kempsey365. Unsurprisingly, the musescore community banded together and attacked the plagiariser. What happened afterwards was shocking. Dookis started trolling, spamming, and even impersonating people like Fia Goudes (aka lareinedeslapins) and Micah Miller (aka mnmwert) in large groups like Musescore Composers. He was even making new accounts to troll (I still can't be sure if Dookis was the same person as another spam account, "The Koodis Supreme", but both were spamming and getting on everyone's nerves). He kept posting stuff about "cake" and "pie", which can be slang for something highly inappropriate. I was disgusted, but decided to stop feeding this troll. I wasn't too concerned for RSA because compared to a group like Musescore Composers, RSA was (and still is) TINY. But by the time I got home from school, both Dookis AND Koodis had found RSA and were starting to post spam discussions in here as well. I promptly kicked both of the accounts and blocked them.  Less than a day later, two NEW spam accounts appeared, with usernames King Cake and KingPie. Both joined RSA (for some reason they were more intent on getting into this group...I don't know why). King Cake (who claimed that he was the same person as Dookis, but not the same person as Koodis and KingPie) started an argument in one of the discussions about him before cracking and explaining that the reason he trolled was to get attention, and that being nice didn't generate as much attention. I told him I wasn't going to stop repeatedly kicking him from RSA (which was what I was doing at the time) until he made a public apology to all the people he affected. He did just that, and I let him into RSA. However, I later read a discussion from Kempsey365 begging for Dookis to be banned, as he was threatening him on another site. Just keep this in mind for now.Meanwhile, on Monday (June 25), Kenobiingondolin2019 posted a discussion asking why she got 8 followers, all with empty profile pages, in 3 hrs. At first I thought it was just a coincidence that 8 people decided to follow her in 3 hours, but I turned out to be dead wrong. Keno, who had 46 followers prior to Monday, went on to gain 110+ followers over the last few days. And she wasn't the only one affected. It was even more severe with mnmwert, who had 365 before Monday and currently has 664 followers as I'm writing this. It was confirmed by the devs that these "followers" were spam accounts. Their targets were (and are) mainly people in the "Piano" group and people who were ranked high up in the "Top Users" section. No one knows the reason to why they exist and why they're following certain people.And then these spammers found RSA.Some of them had long usernames written in base64. When Keno decoded them, they said something along the lines of "I am you, trapped in the abyss of darkness". I don't remember the exact wording. That alone was creepy enough. Then one of these users posted a comment on the discussion about the spam followers in base64. Keno decoded them, and they all led to websites about death. I kicked the user immediately and blocked them. I also kicked the other spam accounts that had joined.Well, for SOME REASON, RSA just happens to be a TARGET for these spammers. So I made a discussion about voting to make this group moderated. With all the spammers on the site, I was seriously considering it. But then, like with King Cake/Dookis, the spammer that posted about death kept joining no matter how many times I kicked him (there's something wrong with musescore's blocking function, so as of now, that can't keep someone from joining a group). So I figured: there was no way that all these spammers just COINCIDENTALLY decided to all join at the same time, join the same groups, and follow the same people. This had to be organized. And it was pretty obvious the spammers had already FOUND RSA and were pretty intent on getting past me. Well, if all 500+ spam accounts (estimated number) decided to attack RSA, that would completely destroy the group. Now, remember Dookis/King Cake? He wanted another chance. However, I wasn't that keen on forgiving him right away, and told him that he had to prove himself trustworthy before I let him in here. So that's our current situation with him. But I knew I couldn't stop him from repeatedly joining RSA because of the broken "block" function.Pair that with all the spammer followers......I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer to moderate the group.So I kicked the creepy death-posting user one last time, and changed the group's settings to "moderated". We now don't have to worry about spammers/trolls in RSA.Update: July 5, 2018Member count: 306Three days after these "spammer followers" started coming in, Dimitriy Popov revealed that they weren't really spammers...they were just a bunch of new users. A new function had been added that allowed new members to easily access groups, which explained the surge of members in groups, as well as the huge influx of followers for some of the really active users.So logged into my second account, and unfollowed everyone and left all groups so my dashboard would be empty. I found that when a new user joins, groups and users are recommended to them - the groups being the top groups, and the users being the ones on the "top users" list. The higher up on the lists a group or user was, the more likely they were to get recommended, and the more followers they got. I took a series of screenshots and shared them with the group.So we could all relax, and upload scores/add them to groups without fearing that we're gonna get bombarded by spammers. Unfortunately, these new followers were following without looking at people's music, making the follower count completely meaningless and empty. However, on July 2, the devs were able to change that by taking out the user recommendations. So now, we have a lot more new members who can easily access the community, and everyone gets followed fairly :DUpdate July 19, 2018Member count: 320Remember the deal I made with Dookis? That he had to prove himself trustworthy before I let him in? Well well well......About 2 days ago, I received a join request for this group from a user called Snotosaurus Rex. I let him in, as I would a normal member wanting to join RSA. But Snotosaurus acted weird. He kept posting comments like "I'm new here; I don't know where I am; am I in the right place" over and over. When SoysauceK pointed this out, Snotosaurus claimed he was the king of trolls and would "only behave if respected". Additionally, lareinedeslapins, who was also concerned about Snotosaurus's behaviour, shot me a private message. I replied to one of Snotosaurus's comments, warning him that his behaviour could potentially result in a ban. I never got a reply.The next day, I woke up and lazily grabbed my phone to check musescore, quora, facebook, etc. I clicked into RSA, and immediately stopped short. Snotosaurus's username was now "The indomitable Dookis Supreme". In other words, Dookis had snuck into RSA under a different username. I quickly kicked him, and wrote a comment explaining why. Again, I said if he could prove himself, he could still be welcome here.Dookis did not take this very well. Within an hour, I logged back on to see that he had posted several threatening comments on my latest score, Crystal Rose. These comments were deleted shortly after and posted again as replies to a discussion in RSA2. The exact quotes are:" So, let us continue. You have decided to ban me from RSA. That is fine. But I recommend you let me back in. I have 200+ emails that I can use to open an account and get in. Anyhow, I am already in RSA under a different username. HAHAHA!! You think you are Queen of Troll-Patrol or something. You are poor at it. Or, rather, I am just much slyer than you think. So, let me in using this account, or I will blow up RSA with my shadow account. Also, I have another advantage over you, thanks to the Musescore team, that I plan to use if you give me any more trouble."" You can try to ignore me. Let's settle this and quit being immature about it, before I slam you with the help of MUSEScORE TEAM."Uh...okay then :/I wasn't about to have my group blown up by 200 spam accounts. Yeah, the group was moderated, but if he gradually added his accounts in, I'd have no way of knowing who was legit and who was a spammer. Plus, Dookis kept deleting his accounts and making new ones (the account he used to threaten me was different from the Snotosaurus account). So I changed the settings of both RSA's to "invite only", and kicked Dookis from RSA2 as well. So all that was left was Dookis's so-called "shadow account". Ah, well. If he decided to misbehave, I could just kick him one account at a time, and he wouldn't be able to get back in since no one could join unless manually invited by an admin. I also shot the devs an email in hopes of getting Dookis IP banned so he couldn't make any more accounts on here no matter how many emails he made. I then posted a discussion in T.B.M.G.E (which I chose because it was a private group where its content was only visible to its members) about Dookis's threats to me. I got the admins of TBMGE (mnmwert, lizzapie, and Keno) to invite RSA members into that group so they could be warned without the warning popping up on the community page for Dookis and everyone else to see.At the same time, Kempsey365, who had been the most forgiving with Dookis and the most keen on giving him more chances (ironcially), posted comments and discussions in RSA asking why Dookis was banned. So we told him why: Dookis and I had agreed that I would give him another chance in RSA (still can't understand why he was so intent on getting in here) IF he could prove himself a good musescorer in other groups first. So we tried to reason with Kempsey. Weirdly, nothing seemed to be getting through to him. An argument blew up in RSA (though it was a more civil argument, unlike the one in October) that lasted several hundred comments. No one could understand why Kempsey seemed to be defending the very person who had plagiarized his music and threatened him, and acting so odd.The thing is, Kempsey had been invited into TBMGE. And he realized we were planning to get Dookis IP banned. So Kempsey posted a shocking discussion - he claimed that he was related to Dookis, and that they used the same computer. Shortly after, he said that Dookis was his little brother. But that wasn't very believable...and eventually Kempsey cracked and admitted to being Dookis. Yes.Kempsey. Was. Dookis.Immediately, I kicked him. He deleted his account less than 5 minutes later.It was almost laughable at the moment - this was the most legendary troll I'd ever seen. It seemed straight out of a scooby doo episode.Even with him gone, RSA continued to blow up for several hours, since everyone was on edge, especially me (who was most likely to get targeted by him). I really didn't need anyone spamming my scores (which he already kinda did by posting those threats on my score) or trying to "slam me down with the help of the musescore team", whatever that meant. We brought up the possibility that Kempsey wasn't actually Dookis - and that Dookis hacked Kempsey. Because of that, my password is now so long that I'm logging in less often (and instead checking on the group without logging in) because I'm too lazy to type it.And eventually it started settling down. Right now, it seems RSA is nearly completely normal again. The devs haven't responded to my email, but Dookis hasn't shown up to spam me, hack me (or anyone else), or try to blow up the group again since I kicked Kempsey.That's our present situation.And I guess the first threat was actually carried out, because Kempsey was Dookis's shadow account. I didn't let him into this group, so he blew it up xD. Oh well.Update July 27, 2018Member count: 325Soooo.........we filled up the ENTIRE first page of the community section with discussions from this group. Like, all 20 slots. No comment.We've got about 5 people active right now.........and these days this group just has been INSANELY active........enough that I felt the need to update the history. Right now the group's having a full-on blowup with random discussions...This place is so freaking active it's downright hilarious xDUpdate September 4, 2018Member count: 363Happy birthday, RSA!!!'s been quite a year :PDiscussion count: 1253Score count: 951Update October 8, 2018Member count: 402Sooo...a while back in August, I decided to do a "prank" against musescore. Basically I created a discussion in the "Piano" group, and RSA members were to have a full-on conversation about how their instruments got up and danced at night. We wanted to see the reactions of other musescorers. This discussion was titiled "Any piano music recommendations?" It was something I thought people were likely to want to comment on.Since it was during the summer, it was pretty easy to get the attention of a large number of members at once. We spent the next hour blowing up my discussion to 150+ comments. It was funny...but not in the way we'd expected.For one thing, almost NO ONE questioned our conversations - they just plopped down piano music recommendations like the discussion didn't have 150 comments talking about dancing instruments. But we were able to get a few gems. Firstly, Lareinedeslapins, one of the most active RSA members, saw the prank discussion before seeing the discussion I put in RSA explaining the prank xD. So that was hilarious. And we had one confused comment asking about our conversation from intheshadows45, who is now an RSA member. But other than that, pretty much no one questioned xDAnd two days ago, we had another laugh over this when I made a "debriefing" discussion explaining the prank in Musescore Composers.Oh, and also: lately there have been a lot of spam discussions on musescore about these prom/bridesmaid/wedding dresses from a French dress company. Users doing the spamming include robeyu and musare. Anyway we spammed blew up one of robeyu's discussions to 500+ comments, which was pretty funny :PYeah...other than that, this group now has 400 members, and is still pretty active (though not as active as summer cause everyone's busier now). And...this group got 400 discussions in a month. I don't even know whether to be proud or scared...Update January 26, 2019Member count: 547RSA now holds the world record for most discussions in a public group on all of (idk about private groups...those are only visible to their members...though I doubt any of them have this many discussions xD). Jaybird1 noticed this morning that we were at 2110 discussions, while Improving was at 2091. Congrats, guys!! :DUpdate March 21, 2019Member Count: 631Aight, so I haven't updated this thing in a while. There's one thing I forgot - and that's further discussion rules. So basically around September, some people began posting discussions that would typically be considered "spam", which cluttered up the group's discussions section and created a steady flow of members out of the group. So at the beginning of October, I deleted about 200 spam discussions and made a post about it (which is currently linked in the "welcome to randomly screwing around" discussion), and RSA's discussions became much more meaningful. The funny part about it is, when I deleted all those discussions, it really had an effect on the community page, since a lot of people, especially those at the front, were wondering why they dropped 6-7 spots in a span of two hours xDAnd as of now there's a troll going around being offensive to black people. They haven't done anything to this group yet but for this reason RSA is now invite only and will be until he's banned (don't want a repeat of last July :P).And that's our current situation.Update May 5, 2019Member Count: 669The RSA empire has begun to conquer the rest of musescore (>:D). RSA members are taking over large groups like Young Composers Group, Get Your Music Heard, and many others. In fact, it's gotten a lot harder to find a popular, large group that ISN'T owned by an RSA member. Which is awesome a) because DANG RSA is taking over musescore and b) with active mods for the larger groups, those dress spammers can FINALLY be dealt with. Yayyyy :PAnyway, now that that's said...onto something this group's seen way too many of...trolls. There's two I want to talk about. The troll I mentioned above, lordtrolln*gger, was taken down by the devs after he posted extremely offensive content and harassed those who confronted him. But the second one...hoooooo boy. Gonna need a whole new paragraph for it...So! A few months ago, I let a member called enderstep_1 into this group. He later changed his username to what he's better known by, Musix Fox. Even at the time I clicked the "approve" button, I felt there was something off about him. Prior to his join request to RSA, he'd sent me a private message titled "hi I'm just a wandering enderman looking for friends". But I let him in anyway, and right away, I could tell this guy was CRAZY about roleplay. His roleplaying in non-roleplay RSA discussions did make conversations a bit awkward, but as far as I could tell, he wasn't a bad person (and who am I to tell people how they should and shouldn't talk), so I just let it be.And then, a female user deleted her account. She has said she wishes to remain anonymous. Let's call her Anna.One day, Half Step messaged me to let me know that the reason Anna deleted her account was because Musix Fox had been sending her creepy messages. I immediately kicked Musix Fox and, in private messages, demanded that he tell me what was going on and that he send me his chat history with Anna. I said if he didn't do what I asked, he would be permanently banned from this group. Fortunately, he complied. I read through the chats briefly, and saw that it contained bordering-on-18+ roleplay, as well as mentions of suicide if Anna did not "love" him back. He definitely was saying many odd things, but there was so much roleplay I couldn't tell if he just wanted to role play or if he was actually serious about what he was saying. Additionally, Anna had never asked him to stop, as his messages made her extremely uncomfortable and she was scared.So I told him that his roleplay was getting a bit out of hand, and that if Anna or anyone else reported him for similar messages, he would be outta RSA and never coming back. He said ok.Welp, a short while later, another girl announced she was deleting her account because of Musix's creepy messages.So I brought down the banhammer.By now, other girls were also coming and talking about how Musix was sending them inappropriate messages, one of which was AcousticRenegade, owner of the group Wolf Pack. AcousticRenegade had noticed that Musix followed exclusively female musescorers, and that he was quitely likely messaging more even more people than we'd initially expected. Musix got booted out of Wolf Pack as well, which I find quite funny, since his profile bio was "I am the alpha male of wolf pack, no ands, ifs, or buts about it". Lol :PSince what Musix was doing was actually quite serious, several RSA members began taking action against him by reporting him to the devs. Someone even tracked down his address, and his mother, and texted her about her son's behaviour so she could help him stop it, or get back on the right track if he was mentally disturbed. Meanwhile, Jaybird1 and Legendian reported Musix so much they got special perms from the devs where they would immediately delete any account Jay or Legendian reported to them and suspected of being Musix. I also increased the strictness of my moderation of this group, and made it so that a user had to have been a musescore user for at least a month before they could join this group, or they had to have an obviously established account. I's a lot harder to fake having quality scores that were posted over a period of time xDBuuuuuuuuut Musix was PERSISTENT. Believe it or not, he was even more persistent than Dookis. He kept making new accounts and making membership requests into RSA, despite having them get denied, and then having his account deleted over and over and OVER. And he was definitely not the smartest person, either. Every time he made a new account, the first people he approached were Jay and me via private messages. I never said much, and focused on blocking him and denying all his join requests instead. He finally stopped trying to contact me after I decided to respond to him for once by baiting him by pretending to not know who he was and then rickrolling him.But he never gave up on Jay. In fact, he STILL hasn't, even as I'm writing this. According to Jay, he'd created a total of 21 accounts as of yesterday or two days ago. I'll save the details of their conversations for after this whole thing ends, but here's something I found hilarious: Musix has threatened to report Jay to the devs for "false accusations", and has ALREADY done so at least once. And the devs even let Jay know that Musix tried to report him xDYeah, that's what we're currently dealing with. Hopefully it'll be over soon...But lemme end this on a positive note. Yesterday, RSA crossed 3k discussions, and became the first ever group on musescore to do so. :DUpdate September 4, 2019Member Count: 781Happy 2nd birthday, RSA!Discussion count: 4006Score count: 2802Either yesterday or early this morning, RSA crossed 4000 discussions, and became the first group on musescore to ever do so (same thing with 3k). Yay! :DAlso...something important happened today - and that is that RSA now has two new admins, Jaybird1 and Skylighter! Throughout 12th grade, and my 2nd year in the IB program, I found school extremely stressful, and that the internet was detrimental to both my academic performance and mental health. And I really wasn't about to do nothing and keep doing what I was doing when university started, and wanted to change a few things to help me spend less time on the internet. Which included no longer being the only active moderator in my nearly-800-member group that happens to be the most active group on and the target of numerous spammers/trolls each year... :PSo last week, I made a discussion asking for mods, and a total of 15 people applied. I picked two people out of the 15...and now we have new mods :D So I hope everything goes fine.:P