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I think it really makes sense to notify people who fav'ed a score when it gets reuploaded. Otherwise WIP updates will never get to their subscribers unless one spams all the groups.Think about this, it is fair to assume that people who fav'ed a WIP piece want such notifications, and most people have no reason to abuse such notifications as it only gets resended to people who already fav'ed, and overdoing this would only make annoyed people unfav the piece.
So it's only me and my six year old sister home and she was downstairs watching this kids show on the tv while I was upstairs putting away eyeliner and suddenly I hear this male voice talking loudly in a documentaryish tone, it was loud. Rrom what I could hear it was talking about anxiety or something like that. So naturally I'm creeped out and I walk to the stairs (I can't see the living room from the stairs) and listen. It's silent for a second before I hear my sister crying. Then I call her name and walk downstairs asking if she's ok. She's crying on the couch, telling me that she didn't press anything and the show she was watching went silent for a little bit before playing the weird documentary like audio over it so she turned it off after a little bit.I swear I'm not lying about this, it was so weird