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Yesterday, we watched a group of 15 Mennonites or Anabaptists (I'm not sure which one) climb the side of a mountain that was 1,030 feet to the peak at a 70-75 degree angle. They climbed it in like, 30 minutes or less. We had to walk almost 3 miles back to the car and they had the 3 miles plus the 1,030 feet down that mountain side. We had hiked a little less than half of the 3 miles when we looked back and they were still at the peak. They showed up at the parking area like 5 minutes after we did. Seriously?!?! How did they do that so fast?
If you do, what type of bird food do you use?I feed my birds black oil sunflower seeds. I'm in the process of trying to find a recipe for suet that doesn't have lard in it because I don't want to feed my birds lard.
I was watching this kid. We were playing on the win together and then he looks at me. He says, "Why does it smell like pee in here?" I look at him and his pants were sopping wet. Now he was probably in the second grade. And he was also at my house, so I didn't have anything he could change out of... plus my mom was at work. In a despair ate moment, I let him borrow a pair of old leggings for the day (thank heavens he didn't pee in those!). His mom have me an extra $10.I was also taking care of this girl and she kept biting me. She was also high on sugar because she had a s'mores milkshake. That kid had some jaws, let me tell you.