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I frequently have moments where I just don’t have anything to do and just take a walk or something
I beat both of them. Super fun. DLC 2 is so awesome. I have the Master Cycle Zero and it's sick! I beat DLC 2 about a week after it came out. DLC 1 was hard and a pain but I got through it! What about you?
I just finished some major edits in two of my scores, and now musescore won't let me choose the file to replace it with in the edits page, and when I click "save", a random plank page opens that says, "{"result":"ok","info":{"url":"/user/27321385/scores/5666087"}}". Nothing else happens. Is this a bug that found it's way in because of the new feature added earlier, or is this a part of the new feature that is supposed to happen? I need help.