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it's a mixture of chinese music and waltz. Please feel free to leave your feedback :D know I screwed up XD  
I understand this isn't music related but I'm sure people in this group would care about what happened to Kyoto Animation Co. On Thursday July 18, 2019, a man by the name of  Shinji Aoba was suspected to purposely start a fire at Kyoto Animation Co. (better known as KyoAni) because he accused them of plagiarizing one of his novels. KyoAni is an animation studio that was known for making many different types of anime, manga and movies. Some of their works include K-On!, Nichijou, Sound! Euphonium, and A Silent Voice. Because of the fire, it caused 35 lives to be lost and many more around the world to be changed forever. Despite this tragedy, Sentai Filmworks, a very good partner with KyoAni, started a gofundme page and has almost two million dollars in donations. The link to the gofundme page can be found here: is a tragedy that nobody should ever have to go through. Spreading the word out will be just enough to help out. #HelpKyoAniHeal