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As weird as it sounds, I’m stirring onions in a pan with one hand, and typing this discussion in the other.
First, I'm not a troll. And, yes, I do know how that soundsThough I am quite old and gray and somewhat large around.I do love mutton, mead, and fire,  but will not fuel a fight.And I won't turn to stone at dawn in the early morning light.I used to teach in music school, but now my work is other.I play the tuba pretty well. I have an older brother.I can write a melody and design a boat in tandem.My conversational style? Well, it can sometimes seem somewhat random.I worship you, bow down to you, Oh, Queen Rebecca Y!I promise to behave myself, and not to make folk cry.So let me in this group, I plea, my character is sound!I want to hang with music folk, and randomly screw around.
what were you doing before you read this?

Gladiator - Themes

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