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I happened to read a document a few days ago on a community site in Korea. The content of the article was really shocking. The content of the article is as follows.In the first place, the board of directors is designed for the upper class.It may seem like something is being done for the lower class, but when the truth is revealed, it's all for the upper class.Try, study....It was brainwashed to explain, recognize, and understand the social hierarchy.We've given everyone equal opportunity to study, so we need to succeed here in order to raise our status.To brainwash the lower classes as a matter of course if they don't study, to rationalize their cartels.It's the only way we can recognize and understand everyone. We've been brainwashed since we were in elementary school.Everyone has an equal opportunity and the social system is perfect.But the truth is there is no equal opportunity.The system is, in fact, designed and organized for the wealthy.It's just that many people are ignorant of the truth because it's so perfect and persuasive to cheat people.. The rulers know.It's easier to brainwash and incite than to make someone understand.So why would the National Intelligence Service do that? It's like copying and posting comments on the Internet in a studio that you think is.They profess to be slaves, and they boast about who is the slave, day by day.When slaves get used to life as slaves, they start to brag about their chains.Which chain is brighter and longer, whose iron ball is heavier?Who has been enslaved in active service, who has been enslaved in the public interest, who has been subjected to labor more severely to active service?After all, even those are their choices, and the choices are directly related to their self-esteem.There is no fair law for all.There is no equal world.I can't agree with this article. I cannot be servant of the rich. I will serve no one but God as the Lord. And I believe that no one but God can make me a servant. I am not neither the rich nor the poor. I've been raised in normal way. My parents are not Christians so I wasn't able to ask what should I do to my mom. In the comments, people often agreed to the wrong thing, and there were calls for obedience to the wrong world, and there were calls for just living as a slave. There was a saying that there was no other way but to be servants of the rich, or to live as dirt spoon(a slang term referring to the poor) in Korea and die. They don't know that God will save them and he will make them rest in eternal heaven. They have no idea that two thousand years ago, Jesus came to this world in the form of a low man deliberately to save the people of this world. The economic situation in Korea is not good these days. Young people find it hard to find a job and can't earn much money no matter how hard they try. But, no matter how hard the situation is, there are people who think positively and don't lose their hopes. However, some people use very extreme, pessimistic words to provoke people to belittle themselves and even criticize their parents. For those who complain with using these pessimistic words , I wanted to encourage Christianity. The site where the article I read was posted, even if it wasn't a member, could write comments. While I was writing a comment, I asked my mom if I could write this comment. She didn't allow me to write comments because she was afraid people would give me bad comments. In fact, there is a bad perception of Protestantism in Korea. For example, there are cases which pastors have molested, which church members have been kidnapped by terrorist groups on a mission trip to dangerous areas,which they have close relations with political forces, which they curse people who do not believe in Jesus to go to hell, and even which a father gives his son a place as a church leader. I know this very well, and the churches are supposed to be light and salt in a dark and gloomy world, but they are not. By the way, those are poor lambs who don't know God. It's too bad the poor are calling themselves slaves to the rich. In the presence of Jesus, everyone is equal, and the justice and the world of equality exist in heaven beyond Mount Zion, and I wish that they would return to God as soon as possible, to be saved and to heaven. We are all lacking. However, it is wrong of you to take discrimination for lack. And as the world enters infinite competition, the strong survive, and those who do not are eliminated from society. However, if the strong are not righteous, it will confuse the world. People say it is impossible to change that, and there is no way to save the weak. But they do not know that they can be saved by welcoming the Lord Jesus Christ to the Lord. God loves us even though we are lacking. Even if you can't study, your face is ugly, and you love all of them even if you have a disability. Let us pray for those who only complain about this unfair world, but do not expect hope. Lord! Have pity on those who have the wrong mindset that only the rich are the best, that they can live happily only when they are born rich, that they should be the masters of the rich and work for life! Though the world is too hard to live, though the world requires me to give all up that I have, though people say that there's no heaven, I will hold on to God, rely on him, obey him, and be a light and salt in this nation full of corruption, and do my duty in Jesus' will. I thank God for everything, and I have to live as a true Christian. However, I still have the feeling that those who harm me, condemn me and mock me should be punished. God, save me from worldly thoughts that I cannot escape yet. Unlike that article, we firmly believe that there is a heaven in which everyone can live freely and equally. Let's pray for the man who wrote that article and those who agree with him. I really hope they can trust him and go to heaven. Instead of writing comments, let's pray together. Let's pray for them to have a hopeful and thankful mind for everything, rather than complain about it with pessimistic thoughts of. We believe in God. And I believe in God alone. God, help those who do not know Heaven to have faith in you and hope! Let the church serve as a haven for those who are poor and thirsty, so that the church becomes a trustworthy entity in society! We approach God. God, give us endless love and mercy, and help us when we are in trouble! And we want them to come to God and be your servants. Lord! Hear our prayers, listen to our prayers, and give us peace! Thank you and pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.(Because the sentence is written as a translator, the flow of the sentence may be awkward)
I would like to know what state and country you live in! Me, I live in Boiling Springs S.C!