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Hello! I composed a high school indoor percussion show that is still untitled. I am very new to writing for battery so I am asking someone to do it for me. I will credit you! More than one person can do it. Do not steal my composition and claim it as your own. NOTES ----There are some parts that I would like for battery parts to not be written:1. During the preshow, before keyboards enter for the first time. 2. During the transition to Part 2. 3. During the beginning of Part 2, with the eerie celesta phrases. After the marimba enters with the swelling eighth notes, it is fine, and so on. Here are some parts where I'd like a specific thing to happen:1. A tenor "Feature" that includes syncopated rims. 2. A cymbal feature where the keyboards decrescendo to mp before the final impact to the end. Beyond that, you can do whatever you please!LINK : me as soon as you finish! Comment if you are interested!Additionally, I compose for winds, so if you would like to collab in the future, my email is : circusespart2@gmail.comTHANK YOU.
Hey! So I'm starting work on a project called "Wake Up" and I'm looking for ideas of some possible songs to put in it. They can either be from this website or big professional works. The show theme is more on the depressing/somber side with a twist at the very end. (Not spoiling anything yet) But help would be appreciated with the musical selections and also a percussion writer would be awesome! Thanks!
I thought I would share the progress with the new percussion soundfont. Here is a demo of marching snare.A couple of points to mention - each sound has 4 samples with random alternations between each sample to make it sound much more realistic.The soundfont is fully compatible with VDL, so has all the same articulations and capabilities (except mallet changes).There will be 6 tenors and 2 bassline options - 6 basses and 10 basses. I hope to be able to get this to the community to be testing within the next couple of weeks. :-)

Candy Clusters

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Synthesizer(4), Piano, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion(3)

Dark Allegro

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Piano(2), Percussion(6), Oboe, Guitar, Harmonica(3), French Horn(2), Trumpet(3), Strings(7), Tuba, Timpani

Bored Song

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Voice, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, Recorder


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