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Synthwave, Synthpop and other old electro song

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Look Up

17 parts18 pages02:40a month ago106 views
Percussion(5), Bass, Piano(2), Organ, Accordion, Harp, Synthesizer(2), Strings(4)

A Cup Of Coffee

6 parts26 pages02:56a month ago25 views
Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano, Synthesizer, Contrabass, Percussion


6 parts19 pages02:53a month ago91 views
Piano(3), Synthesizer(3)

Sburban Jungle

9 parts62 pages03:31a month ago34 views
Piano(2), Sound effects, Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass(2), Percussion(2)

Darkness World

12 parts13 pages01:30a month ago15 views
Synthesizer(4), Voice(2), Tuba, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Bass, Percussion

Yeeeeooo [WIP]

8 parts18 pages01:362 months ago20 views
Piano, Percussion, Synthesizer(2), Other woodwinds(2), Keyboard, Bass

Candy Clusters

10 parts29 pages02:242 months ago145 views
Synthesizer(4), Piano, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion(3)