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This page is for anyone who shares the passion for the guitar.  All levels of experience are welcome. Feel free to post any personal arrangements of master pieces old and new as well as original works.  Any guitar related topics or discussions also welcomed. Any non guitar related music or topics posted will be deleted. Thanks. 
 This discussion is really for people who have been into classical guitar  for a long time. I did not really listen to classical guitar music at all (or classical music in general for that matter) until I was almost all the way grown up so classical guitar music in  general is not really nostalgic for me yet. I suppose some of the first  classical guitar pieces I knew of are pretty nostalgic like La  Frescobalda (This was the first classical guitar piece I ever learned to  play. For those that don't know the piece here: but even about those I found out no more than 9-10 years ago so the  feeling isn't that strong yet. This makes me curious about what pieces  people who've known about classical guitar music since their childhood  are nostalgic for.For me, none of the music I feel nostalgic for  is (typically) played on classical guitar. The most nostalgic music for  me is the adagio sostenuto from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Debussy's  Claire de Lune, and the music from Tchaikovsky's the Nutcracker. 
I am curious about other people's opinion of my tab of Manuel Ponce's Theme Varie et Finale. It is not based off the Segovia edition, but rather the original score that Ponce himself wrote. I am particularly interested in how other people would handle measures 75, 76, and 331. But, of course, feel free to add in your general opinions of the piece or the tab, how it compares to the Segovia edition, or anything other information about Manuel Ponce's Theme Varie et Finale that might be interesting to this discussion.

Candy Clusters

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Dark Allegro

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Bored Song

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Deus Ruina

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