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So this morning, I went to this class, and the teacher (who’s got a masters in guitar performance) started out by asking me my hobby. I said playing music (no duh) and he asked if I thought I could convert, or convince someone else that my hobby is fun, and make them do it. I said “I think I could convince someone that it’s fun”. And he said “Then do it”. I said that I’d probably have to play something to really do it. And he told me to come up, because luckily there was a piano in the classroom. I sat down, and told them that I will prove that piano is fun, and I played All Of Me by Jon Schmidt. Except I played it quicker, and added fun stuff like glissandos. It was really fun. But everyone loved it, and one guy just said “SOLD! SHOW ME YOUR WAYS!” Any fun music stories that you have?
As weird as it sounds, I’m stirring onions in a pan with one hand, and typing this discussion in the other.
In English:As you can see from the allocation spreadsheet ("Lieder Corpus songs"), there are currently about 25 scores awaiting review. But if you look at the scores in the group "OpenScore LiederCorpus", there are only 4 scores.It has always been a clear rule that transcribers must add their uploaded score to the group.  There are three reasons: 1. It makes it easier for multiple reviewers (and indeed a sole reviewer) to handle the scores in date order, which is the fairest method.2. It saves the reviewer(s) from having to track down each score from the allocation spreadsheet.3. It allows you to mark your score as Private, but still to make it visible to the reviewer.So to be clear: in future, we will only review scores which have been added to the group "OpenScore LiederCorpus".At present there is only one overworked reviewer, so please do your best to stick to the rules. Thank you very much for your help!En français:Comme vous pouvez le constater sur le tableur des affectations ("Lieder Corpus songs"), environ 25 partitions sont en attente de révision.Mais si vous regardez les partitions du groupe "OpenScore LiederCorpus", il n'y a que 4 partitions.Il a toujours été de règle claire que les transcripteurs doivent ajouter leur partition téléchargée au groupe. Il y a trois raisons:1. Il est plus facile pour plusieurs relecteurs (et même pour un relecteur unique) de gérer les partitions dans l'ordre chronologique, méthode la plus équitable.2. Cela évite au(x) relecteur(s) de repérer chaque partition à partir du tableur des affectations.3. Il vous permet de marquer votre partition comme étant privée, tout en la rendant visible par le relecteur.Soyons clairs: à l'avenir, nous ne passerons en revue que les partitions ajoutées au groupe "OpenScore LiederCorpus".À l’heure actuelle, il n’existe qu’un seul relecteur surmené, veuillez donc vous efforcer de respecter les règles. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide!
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Piano Runs

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