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could someone do a simple version of City Of Stars from La La Land?
I found some sheet for violin of a arranger that is NOT in the internet (nowhere), but it is in the paper with me, i not sure if it has copyright. My doubt is: If I put this sheet in the name of the arranger here, in the musescore, I will still violate arranger copyright?
Hello, all! I've recently been communicating with @Jaybird1 about the plans for this group. It's been great that so many people have stepped up and offered to help! So here's the game plan:We have several roles available, because one person can't do it all. A. a day-to-day moderator B. a challenge creatorC. a judgeWe want multiple people filling these roles: two to three moderators, one or two challenge creators, and six or seven judges. Please comment below if you want more info for a position. Note that even though we want many judges, applicants for a judge spot will be held to a high standard regarding qualifications. I will give more details to interested parties, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Jay is leaving for a choir tour shortly, so I'd like to have things well on hand with his return, maybe even be in a position to run a July challenge! Thanks!

Innuendo - Queen

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