Sheet Music

Dream Theme

2 parts1 page00:2710 months133 views
Bass • Piano
Android Ringtone

The Androids

9 parts5 pages00:401 month25 views
Trumpet • Trombone • Tuba • Clarinet • Alto Saxophone • Tenor Saxophone • Percussion (2) • Timpani

Radiohead//:Paranoid Android Choir://

6 parts4 pages02:002 months162 views
Soprano Saxophone (2) • Alto Saxophone (2) • Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone
Transscription of the choir part featured in Radiohead's Paranoid Android from the Album OK Computer. For 2x soprano sax, 2x alto sax, 1x tenor sax, 1x baritone sax

Paranoid Android

10 parts40 pages04:501 year1,648 views
Violin (2) • Viola • Cello • Percussion (6)

20120715 My Best Friend Android won't Boot Up

1 part1 page01:154 years304 views
Story of a child who is thinking happy thoughts about playing with his best friend, who happens to be an android. However, when he tries to turn him on, the boot sequence fails. He tries all sorts of diagnosis and checks for common errors, such as faulty batteries or errors in bios, and gets very frustrated. Eventually he gives up and accepts that his best friend android won't boot up.

Paranoid Android Ballad

19 parts15 pages03:051 year214 views
Flute (2) • Clarinet (4) • Alto Saxophone (2) • Tenor Saxophone • Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet (3) • French Horn • Trombone (2) • Tuba (2)


1 part2 pages01:507 months157 views
A set of cell phone ringtones on paper. Can be played on (almost) any keyboard.

Paranoid Android - Percussion Ensemble

15 parts9 pages04:521 year969 views
Percussion (15)
Here's a fun little percussion ensemble piece, covering Radiohead's "Paranoid Android." Can probably be performed with anywhere from 10-15 players, depending on how you split up the parts. Hope you like it! I also apologize for the drumset sounding really loud in the audio.

Android VII ( Probably Day 26)

37 parts12 pages03:141 year560 views
Flute • Clarinet (2) • Tenor Saxophone (2) • Baritone Saxophone • Trumpet • French Horn (3) • Tuba • Percussion (7) • Timpani
Sorry ive been doing a bad job of updating the title. I hope you enjoy my construction of android VII! There will be multiple updates. Thanks to all who listen, and have a great day!

Android 7 (New Quintet Version)

5 parts33 pages07:131 year441 views
Flute • Clarinet (2) • Cello • Percussion
My first ever original music piece now made for a new ensemble upon request! CHECK OUT THE FULL BAND VERSION HERE!!! -VVVVV- And remember, if you guys make suggestions as to what kind of music you want (Thats not already been made) I will make a song for that person!