Sheet Music

Angry Birds

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Alto Saxophone • Flute • Trumpet • Percussion (2) • Guitar

Wonderful Life - Angry Birds

1 part3 pages02:007 months366 views

Another annoying song from the angry birds studio. This was done as a request. If anyone has a song request please send a comment in the comment box below. Anyway, that's it; thanks for listening and have a good one.

Angry Birds Theme

5 parts7 pages01:2310 months471 views
Percussion (2) • Flute • French Horn • Tuba

I don't give FULL CREDIT to Ari Pulkkinen because I changed some of the parts from the original. Hope You Enjoy!

'Angry Birds' Theme Song

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Originally composed by Ari Pulkkinen

This is a simpler version of the actual song. I reinterpreted it so it could be continuously played. To end the song, I just play the final bar without the last two semiquavers.

Comments appreciated (: