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Passacaglia. JS Bach. Piano Duet

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This Passacaglia by Bach is a useful piano duet (one piano, 4 hands) for students of grade 4 or above. In keeping with Baroque tradition, tempo and dynamic marks have been left to the discretion of the players.

Crocketts Theme

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This moody piece has been a favourite with my piano pupils in past years. They still seem to like it, so I have arranged it here.


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This is the Siciliano for Flute and Harpsichord by JS Bach, arranged for piano. Making use of the capacity of the modern grand piano, for dramatic expression, this arrangement is an "unashamed" romantic rendering of the original! There are two opportunities to use the "magic" middle (or sostenuto) pedal in bars 17 - 19 and 27 - 29, where a long bass A and D, respectively, are sustained. Many digital pianos now have this pedal: Strike the bass note, immediately followed by the middle pedal, using your left foot, then continue to pedal as normal with the normal, right-hand sustain pedal.

Kissing You

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I was struck by the effectiveness of descending scales, to create an image of sensual devotion. Allowing them to cascade in parallel 6ths or 3rds; letting them run anywhere between a 5th and the full octave: The image of kissing. Although in D major, the final cadence goes A - B: It never ends. The Kiss is eternal.

Heart Pictures

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I saw how lovers carve hearts on trees, gateposts, benches etc. And I thought how nice it would be to carve hearts on the fabric of sound. So I drew a heart motif across the treble and bass staves and wrote note-heads around the heart shape. The musical mofit thus generated became my "heart motif" and the basis of my piano piece "Heart Pictures".

The Solomon Rag

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Composed for a friend who I knew would appreciate the humour - and could probably learn to play it, given time!

Sad Waltz

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A reflective piano piece of intermediate standard with a modal feel.


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This beautiful piece by Scarlatti is popular with my pupils. Originally composed for the harpsichord, this is a more romanticized version for the modern piano. The careful use of the pedal allows for a soulful cantabile feel that is not unlike a modern ballad in flavour. Don't pay any attention to the way the MuseScore computer plays it. This will not give you a good idea of the mood of this piece. It is not supposed to sound unremitting and unyielding, but flowing and undulating, with lots of rubato.

The End-of-Birthday Song

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Flute, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Voice, Guitar, Percussion(3), Piano, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Bass
I wrote this song on the 1st birthday of my little girl, (at about bedtime)! We'd had a wonderful day and the trumpet obligato to the last verse says it all for me. This song is dedicated to both my daughters and to all birthday girls and boys everywhere!

If Ever I Cease to Love You

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Voice, Piano
A love song for voice and piano accompaniment. The piano part is in a minimalist style, creating many dissonances and bitonality with the voice part. So the singer needs a very firm sense of pitch. And also a wide vocal range.

Elsie Marley

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Elsie Marley was the prosperous landlady of a public house, called The Swan, in County Durham.

However, on their way up to Scotland, during the Jacobite risings in 1745, Dutch mercenary soldiers used the inn for target practice. It remained derelict for years.

Probably as a result of this tragedy, Elsie became very ill, and was found drowned in a pond.

This spirited and lively tune which bears her name, was used for dancing and at local country fairs.

The Jack Frost Song

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Voice, Piano
This is a song I wrote for my daughter who was playing the part of Jack Frost in a school play.

Sonatina in G

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I use this little piano piece, of about grade 1 standard, quite a lot in my teaching. However, I seem to have lost my copy! So I put this score together from memory. Apologies if the dynamics etc are not quite the same as the ones you are familiar with. I am pretty sure the notes are correct.

Stella Artois

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This is a transcription of the Stella Artois advert! I don't know who composed it, or who owns it, but this is how I worked it out by ear from a YouTube video. Enjoy!

Here It Comes Again

2 parts6 pages04:073 years ago262 views
Voice, Piano
A song that stems from a beatific experience of partial enlightenment that I am privileged to witness once every few years! It is composed in the hypomixolydian mode, which is often used in sacred music in the Middle Ages. It has a timeless quality, largely because it is centred on the dominant rather than the tonic.


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This piece takes it's inspiration from a verse I once penned, about "my" larch wood. It was never intended to be sung as a "song" per se, but this melody was born from these words:

On the hill above the house,
With its fingers pointing ever heavenward,
With its branches stark against the sky
As the winter clouds go racing by,
I look to you for any sign of the coming spring.

Wonderful Larchwood ... !

Gentle Bells

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This is a little improvisation based upon Bach's "Little Prelude in C". I just pressed the "Record" button, started playing the Bach and then continued playing when I got to the end. Although I tidied up the original improvisation, this is more or less what I played. Apart from Bach's wonderful piece, there are two additional themes: The Love theme (which is directly derived from the Prelude), a Sunset theme, and a Gentle Bells theme.