Sheet music with 2 instruments

Demons - Imagine Dragons

2 parts8 pages02:462 years ago1,062 views
Voice, Piano
Lots of singing is ommited because it's too high :(
Downloading it makes it better

Imagine Dragons -- Demons (Duet)

2 parts5 pages03:179 months ago404 views
Cello, Viola
Updated: 9/27/18
I moved the cello the forefront and lowered down to an octave. Divisi, of course. I found the original from @natalia.grande02 I wanted to play with a duet banter based on this arrangement below.

Need to add Cajon box drum and timpani. Will do later.

--- Notable Arrangement:
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Demons (Violin & Piano Duet)

2 parts3 pages02:47a year ago8,404 views
Violin, Piano
Demons by Imagine Dragons in D Major.
*I already posted a violin solo part of this, but I felt like there was something that could have been added to it to make a duet. So I deleted the first one and repost this one. Enjoy! ^_^


2 parts3 pages02:3711 months ago558 views
Piano, Flute
My take on Imagine Dragons, Demons. With Piano and Flute.

Medley 3 (Unplugged)

2 parts4 pages03:13a year ago664 views
I tried creating a medley of Demons (Imagine Dragons), Miss Jackson (Panic! at the Disco), Twin Skeletons and My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Fall Out Boy), Although I added some parts, the music is not my own.

Imagine Dragons Mashup 2.0 (Unofficial)

2 parts56 pages14:43a month ago175 views
I found this really cool Imagine Dragons Mashup by Iryanle, and after looking at the comments on it, I decided to make a version with some of those recommended songs. I also made some adjustments to the songs that were already there. See below for a list of songs and how long you have to listen to get
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