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Mozart - KV. 626 - Requiem Mass in D minor - I. Introitus - Requiem aeternam (choir and soprano solo) (D minor)

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Clarinet(2), Bassoon(2), Trumpet(2), Timpani, Trombone(3), Strings(5), Voice(4), Organ
Work in progress... mostly finished... a few more things to be done (lyrics, etc.)...
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (completed by Franz Xaver Süssmayr)
KV. 626
Requiem Mass in D minor
I. Introitus
Requiem aeternam (choir and soprano solo) (D minor)

The score is based on Leopold Nowak's edition of Süssmayr's completion, which can be found here:,_K.626_%28Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus%29

It's also influenced by recordings from conductors John Eliot Gardiner and Bruno Walter.

Putting this score together has also been my introduction to basso continuo/figured bass. The realisitaion of the basso continuo is my own interpretation from my understanding of it and from other influences (specifically from the mentioned recordings). Note that I stress the fact that this is my first time making such a realisation and that I'm no expert in composing, organ playing or music theory in general.

If anyone with better knowledge of composing, organ playing or general music theory would like to offer some guidance then I would most welcome it.

Things to finish:
Revision of the basso continuo (namely the organ)
Musical directions
General cleanup and better presentation of the score and the separate parts

TECHNO-DRIVES - DEADSOULS on ICE . Requiem aeternam donz eisDomine.Tuba mirum spargens sonum,tuum&Salve Regina- opus # when finished.I have obviously fallen in ove with silences.FEASTS ABOUND!

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Piccolo, Flute(2), Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet(2), Bassoon, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone(2), Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(17), Guitar(3), Bass, Voice(6), Harp(2), Piano, Violin, Cello, Strings(7)
It is finally time I try my hand at these latin spiritual texts .Verdi ,Mozart and Brahms loudest in my ears.Don't know Lutoslawsky or Berlioz or countless others so I will catch up . what a tradition of thought and feeling fo this great text and the music libraries are chock full of resplendent emotional , outpourings . Will do gregorian actual melodic chants next !
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Requiem for the Undead con Fuoco

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I had written this song with inspiration from 'Lolita' by Cecile Chaminade for Movement I and 'Requiem Aeternam' by W.A. Mozart for Movement II. "con Fuoco" in Italian means "with fire" and is generally associated with the tempo and/or nature of a piece. In this instance, It is completely unrelated.

Mozart: "Introitus" (1791)

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English Horn, Bassoon, Clarinet, Timpani, Violin(2), Viola, Voice(4), Cello, Organ, Trombone
This is my transcription of the first movement of W. A. Mozart's Requiem in D Minor. I completed this one on July 4, 2017. I am considering doing the entire Requiem, but that would take a very long time to transcribe. Other movements will be posted here when they are completed. For now, though, enjoy the Requiem's opening.

I really do wish I could compose like this. :c

Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Te decet hymnus Deus in Sion,
et tibi reddetur votum in Jerusalem.
Exaudi orationem meam, ad te omnis caro veniet.
Dona eis Domine, dona eis requiem:
et lux perpetua luceat eis.

(Grant them eternal rest, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
You are praised in Sion,
and vows to Jerusalem.
Hear my prayer, unto Thee shall all flesh come.
Grant them, O Lord, grant them eternal rest:
and let perpetual light shine upon them.)