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Suburbs - Arcade Fire

5 parts14 pages04:041 month129 views
Piano • Bass • Guitar • Violin • Percussion

Music Club Marcelin Berthelot

Donkey Kong - Arcade (For your listening pleasure only!)

5 parts4 pages00:371 year781 views
Flute • Percussion • Piano • Tuba • Bassoon

My equally nerdy friend Gavin and I went to an arcade about a month ago, and we had a blast! And You bet your barrels we played Donkey Kong! We actually started betting quarters too! What fun :3

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - Arcade Fire

10 parts55 pages04:561 year1,360 views
Voice (2) • Organ • Piano • Guitar (2) • Violin • Cello • Bass • Percussion

My attempt to transcribe all part for Arcade Fire's song Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels), from the album Funeral.

Arcade Fire - Cold Wind

2 parts6 pages01:301 year455 views
Voice • Guitar

Arcade Fire
Cold Wind
Six Feet Under

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Arcade - ORIGINAL SONG (for your PLAYING pleasure as well as listening!)

1 part3 pages02:011 year1,360 views

This song represents my love for video games and how they shape our culture and society. I did some classic arcade cameos in there! Just imagine this song playing while you're walking into an arcade one summer morning and playing some Nintendo, Namco, Atari and Konami games. And Dragon's Lair. Man, that game was sweet!

Reflektor Arrangement

5 parts5 pages01:0411 months221 views
Guitar (2) • Strings • Piano • Bass

My version of the song from about 5 minutes to the end in reverse order.
I love Arcade Fire.

Black Mirror Arr.

8 parts19 pages02:2611 months336 views
Violin (3) • Viola • Cello (2) • Guitar • Percussion

My version of the more instrumental side of the Baroque pop song by Arcade Fire. I got creative and it is not a 100% cover replica. Thanks to Joseph Lloyd for support.


5 parts15 pages03:358 months178 views
Strings (2) • Harpsichord • Synthesizer • Percussion

By ear transcription of the Arcade Fire song. Took about 3 hours.

MAPPY Arcade Theme

1 part2 pages03:125 months64 views

Just a quick transcription I made for the classic arcade game Mappy. The temp didn't save, for some reason.