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Canon for Brass Quintet Ver. 2

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Trumpet(2), French Horn(2), Tuba
A version on Pachelbel's Canon in D, arranged by Joseph Marple. Based off of the Canadian Brass' version of Canon. Instruments include:
Trumpet 1-Joseph Marple Find me here:
Trumpet 2-Ryan Devenney Find him here:
French Horn-Jarrett Hunter
Trombone-Riley Kirwin
Tuba-Carter Metcalf Find him here:

Side songs include:
Twelve Days of Christmas
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Oh Holy Night
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Joy to the World
Good King Wenceslas
O Come All Ye Faithful
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire
Canon in D
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Here is my arrangement for brass quintet of Attila ouverture by Giuseppe Verdi is my best piece yet and I would like to hear it played by a real brass quintet.
 I composed this piece for a brass quintet for a school project, i just wanted to see what you guys think. I've never composed for these instruments before and wanted to give it a try, considering the task was to compose for a small ensemble title is an inside joke)

Little Fugue in G Minor - Brass Quintet

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Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba
Check out my other fugues (Passacaglia & Fugue in C Minor, Toccata & Fugue in D Minor) if you enjoyed!

Also, feel free to post any mistakes I've made in the comments.

Mario Bros Brass Quintet

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This is straight from the original composition. No changes have been made except the obvious transcription. I just thought some people might enjoy this.

All credit goes to Koji Kondo, and Nintendo.

Moanin' - Charles Mingus - Brass Quintet!

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Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion
"Moanin'" is the third track of the album Blues & Roots by Charles Mingus, recorded in 1959 and released in 1960. Moanin' has been arranged by several other Musescore members, and this arrangement draws heavily from those scores. A special nod goes to Brandon Rivas' score that I found to be the most useful. Virtually all parts had to be remapped for the quintet version, and of course, there may be some bits left out. This is a challenging arrangement, so hang on!

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor - Brass Quintet

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Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba
First, I want to apologise for the horrible sounds of the instruments on the online program.


I initially started this project over two years ago, but then I procrastinated. I also lost the score I was arranging it from (an actual physical copy of the sheet music), so I had to copy it down, taking additional time. Anyway, here it is.

PLEASE. IF YOU SPOT A MISTAKE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS AND I WILL FIX IT. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I don't want someone using a copy with errors.

Brass Quintet-Fanfare for the Common Man

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Trumpet(2), French Horn, Trombone, Tuba
I arranged this brass quintet using an online PDF of the score for Copland's original work for large brass ensemble and percussion. I tried to keep it as easy as I could while keeping it as close to the original as I could. Hope you enjoy!