Sheet music

Haikyuu!! Sad Piano Melody

1 part2 pages02:007 months518 views

For those who watch Haikyuu, this was played after Karasuno lost to Aobajosai at the eating scene in Episode 24, Season 1. Very beautiful track itself.

Dragon Ball Z - Gohan's Anger

7 parts18 pages01:392 years11,076 views
Piano • Synthesizer (2) • Strings • Guitar • Bass • Percussion

Short Version of Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 Theme played in the Cell Saga.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - Butter Building

5 parts22 pages01:331 year581 views
Piano (2) • Bass (2) • Percussion

Despite being a Kirby soundtrack, this sounds like something you'd hear from Charlie Brown (especially the Christmas movie so I did some editing with the purple stage). Of all the renditions of Butter Building, the one from Epic Yarn sounds like it was meant for the piano with the bass guitars as a nice touch. A joyful tune to brighten your day.

John Legend ft. Ariana Grande - Tale as Old as Time from "Beauty and the Beast" (Trailer Orchestral Version)

11 parts3 pages00:5710 months1,902 views
Synthesizer (2) • Percussion (4) • Piano • Violin (2) • French Horn • Cello

To keep it simple, I liked this version better than the one with the backing tracks. This was transcribed only for fun and if someone actually wants to learn it. with better soundfonts

K Camp - Cut Her Off

10 parts51 pages02:482 years1,082 views
Synthesizer (2) • Strings • Percussion (4) • Guitar • Piano • Trumpet

Didn't expect to see this here now did ya. My finest work out of all my other accounts to me personally.

Future - Perkys Calling

4 parts13 pages04:031 year1,417 views
Piano • Synthesizer • Percussion (2)

Despite having a pretty simple melody throughout the whole song, it's what makes it one of the best tracks on the mixtape: Purple Reign.

Jhene Aiko - Wading

14 parts27 pages04:371 year766 views
Harp • Synthesizer (2) • Percussion (6) • Piano • Strings • Sound effects (2) • French Horn

Surprised Jhene Aiko didn't have one thing here in general so here it is.

Future - Wicked

5 parts16 pages02:511 year1,985 views
Strings • Timpani • Percussion (3)

From the Mixtape: Purple Reign. Heavily composed of strings, bass drums, hi-hats, timpanis, and so on. I don't own the song. Warning: Videoscore is explicit.

Kanye West - Good Morning

9 parts29 pages03:132 years3,389 views
Voice • Synthesizer (2) • Piano (2) • Guitar • Bass • Percussion (2)

A classic from Kanye West's album: Graduation. This is a remake and I don't own the song for obvious reasons like copyright and trademark.

Eminem - Not Afraid (Best Version)

10 parts23 pages04:082 years5,457 views
Synthesizer • Piano • Strings (3) • Percussion (3) • Sound effects (2)

I'll never understand why no one attempted to recreate the original instead of making a "marching band" version of it.

Dragon Ball Z - Gohan Fights Freeza Theme

7 parts16 pages01:312 years3,442 views
Guitar (3) • Voice • Bass • Percussion

One of the most bad ass Dragon Ball Z Soundtracks. Ironically, this theme actually played when Gohan was fighting the Cell Jr. instead of Frieza.

Boondocks Theme

5 parts11 pages01:162 years3,604 views
Organ • Piano • Brass Ensemble • Bass • Percussion

Merry Early Christmas for the Boondocks lovers out there. No scratches but it still sounds pretty damn nice.

Naruto Main Theme (Best Version)

10 parts36 pages03:302 years5,742 views
Other woodwinds • Synthesizer • Guitar (4) • Bass • Piccolo

8/13/15 Update: Includes drums and other improvements.