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Doctor Who - Songs of Captivity and Freedom (singing part)

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Working on a piano accompaniment :) This is the singing (or solo instrument, such as violin/flute) part

Clarification: I chose to use the cello sound in the MIDI because I really don't like how the voices sound xD Also, it reminds me of the initial cello solo in the track
(but *post-comments edit*, this is - in case it needs to be clarified - *not* a cello version. It could always be easily transposed to be in bass clef, of course, if someone wanted to play it with the cello)

Thanks to PilarErika ( for her help translating the original Latin lyrics :)

1) Song of Captivity:
Cum tacent, clament (x2)
Serva ne, servan tuter (x2)

While we keep silent, we cry out
Do not be slaves, for I will protect you

2) Song of Freedom
Dum inter homines sumus,
Colamus humanitatem.
Cum tacent, clament.

While we are amongst humans,
let us be humane.
While we keep silent, we cry out.

This is a 100% NON PROFIT transcription for fun and learning, no copyright infringement intended.