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Doctor Who - Songs of Captivity and Freedom (singing part)

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Working on a piano accompaniment :) This is the singing (or solo instrument, such as violin/flute) part Clarification: I chose to use the cello sound in the MIDI because I really don't like how the voices sound xD Also, it reminds me of the initial cello solo in the track (but *post-comments edit*, this is - in case it needs to be clarified - *not* a cello version. It could always be easily transposed to be in bass clef, of course, if someone wanted to play it with the cello) Thanks to PilarErika ( for her help translating the original Latin lyrics :) 1) Song of Captivity: Cum tacent, clament (x2) Serva ne, servan tuter (x2) Translation: While we keep silent, we cry out Do not be slaves, for I will protect you 2) Song of Freedom Dum inter homines sumus, Colamus humanitatem. Cum tacent, clament. Translation: While we are amongst humans, let us be humane. While we keep silent, we cry out. This is a 100% NON PROFIT transcription for fun and learning, no copyright infringement intended.