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Men's TTBB a cappella (Pathway to Greater Harmony)

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I am a great fan of a cappella. I am a fan of TTBB arrangements. I am a fan of lower-than-usual bass notes and higher-than-usual Tenor-I notes. I think most arrangers and composers (as well as this notation service) have a false notion of the low range of some basses...same with the high ranges for tenors. I belonged to a chorus here in Ft. Lauderdale that often had the Tenor-I go up to a high C or D (occasionally higher, when of course only one voice that high is needed)...they complained of course, but they did it. I think much of it is psychological and voice placement. I also enjoy disonance-to-resolution (or no resolution when I feel it is warranted). It is my viewpoint that I am the only one who needs to like my finished works, but of course I am thrilled when someone from deep in Mexico or in Thailand or in the frozen tundra of Newfoundland buy my sheet music. Don in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
I hadn't seen any arrangements of it around, so I arranged one of my favorite recent songs, Perfect, by Ed Sheeran. :) I arranged it for TTBB a cappella (a cappella is my favorite!), but I've never arranged anything for an all-male group/choir before and would appreciate any feedback or critiques you have. Thank you guys!
Hey, I just saw this group and realized that it was essentially what I was looking for. If anyone's interested, I made a TTBB arrangement of the Vulture Song from the Jungle Book :)

You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (TTBB)

5 parts7 pages03:43a year ago8,910 views
The classic song from a classic Christmas movie. A perfect bass feature for your men's choir full of low voices. This features an optional beginning and ending with a choir offstage singing the Whovian carol with narration done by your men.

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Prince Ali - Acapella TTBB

5 parts14 pages02:484 years ago8,714 views
Second version. I still plan on revising it a bit but not sure what I'm gonna do with it or if there is anything to do. This piece is based loosely on Vocal Spectrum's Aladdin Medley however I wanted an arrangement of the full song for a large group. If you like the arrangement please let me know! This is my first arrangement (kinda cheating since I used a LOT of Vocal Spectrum's arrangement) but I hope to make some more. Also let me know if you have any suggestions, critique, notes, questions ANYTHING.

I put some lyrics and notes for voices but it should feel pretty self explanatory. Dats and bums and doos for instruments and whenever they line up with the melody, sing the lyrics.

If you want to preform it, please let me know. I wrote this with the intention of at least 3 on each part. This song REALLY relies on the bass to keep driving, so a strong bass section will help. If your basses cant hit notes under F solidly, have them sing an octave up, a strong higher note will sound sound better and wont drag the piece.
Vocal percussion isn't very necesaary as most of the drums in the original song are just bass and timpani, which is covered by the bass section.. Those are all the perfomance suggestions I can think of for now but feel free to ask suggest anything!

All I Want for Christmas is You - Mariah Carey (TTBB)

6 parts12 pages03:56a year ago7,352 views
Piano(5), Percussion
A wonderful vocal arrangement of this classic Christmas piece, sure to be a hit for your audience! Be sure to check out the jazz band arrangement of this piece as well if you're a jazzer!
Jazz Ensemble:

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God Only Knows (TTBB) *UPDATED

4 parts7 pages023 years ago6,836 views
An updated arrangement of the Beach Boys hit "God Only Knows", for male a capella voices. The update includes tempo signatures throughout.

Little Lion Man TTBB acapella

5 parts43 pages04:214 years ago4,816 views
"Little Lion Man" by Mumford & Sons, in acapella TTBB arrangment w/solo. Arr. by Kevin Headrick

*lyrics altered in chorus for age-appropriate audience

Something - The Beatles (TTBB)

6 parts7 pages02:462 years ago4,391 views
No vocal percussion needed for this sweet tune, just as if your choir was singing under a streetlight. Sweet harmonies and The Beatles, what more could your audience ask for on a concert night? Pull a girl onstage, sing to someone in the audience, have fun with this!

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