Battle Against Fate

Uploaded on Aug 26, 2017

PLEASE CHANGE THE AUDIO SOURCE or some instruments will not work!!

Mobile users: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=W93yUoDNTMA

This is the alternate account of TheLast45 (I don't have pro ;___;)

Update 9/3: I added another mini-section. I'm almost at the end. :) I apologize for the lack of activity, I've had a lack of motivation for the past few days, and I just needed to open MuseScore and do a little something.

9/21: Finally!! It is done!! I am really sorry for the wait. The beginning of the school year is the most hectic I've ever been, and I was about to abandon this. :/ I hope I can be more active soon.

Title suggestions are greatly appreciated! (The Zhong Bros this is your chance ;) )

b minor piano synth strings drums bass blah

Pages 34
Duration 02:20
Measures 102
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 8
Part names Piano, Synthesizer(2), Strings(2), Percussion(2), Bass
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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amazing!! i envy your musical prowess! keep being awesome :D
This piece reminds me of a song called "Music Revolver" https://youtu.be/eaRK_mi-xqI
I see the resemblance. Also I LOVE stepmania!
I scrolled down and got scolded...now i'm unhappy XD In terms of the title, I think the current one is too bland. How about "A Thrilling Plea for Audio Source Alteration" ?
Pretty good. Is this based on something?
Thank you :) It's not based off anything as far as I know, but I definitely got inspiration from listening to other music on this site.
Title has been added. I took inspiration from multiple titles, so thank you to all for contributing. I am so sorry for the delay, I should've done this a month ago.
Wow, I think you found a great name for this amazing composition- CHANGE AUDIO SOURCE just perfectly describes the mood and tone of this piece
I agree XD I am really sorry though, I just can't decide between all of the titles. I have to set a deadline for myself...
Are you going to announce the title soon?
Yes, hopefully. I'm sorry I haven't been very active here recently! I will decide on one soon.
Man, this is epic! (Getting a lot of Homestuck vibes from this for some reason XD). As for a title, I would suggest Ultima proelium (Ultimate battle in latin) I'm working on a chose-your-own-adventure RPG game, and I would really like to use this as a battle theme, which I would probably make an Chiptune remix for. You would of course get credit for it, and I would only use it with your permission. :)
Thank you! And thanks for the title. You are more than welcome to use this piece for your game! :)
This is great!
Title Suggestion: The last hope
Thank you! And thanks for the suggestion :)
The song sound great. I love it!

Title idea: As We Travel through the Land of Broken Dreams
Okay... if you're still looking for names... can I make a higher quality version of the audio, name it, and post it to YouTube? (crediting you of course, the only thing I will have done would be the audio and providing a name for you)
Of course, that would be wonderful! Feel free to use this :)
I have a request
I'm making this fanmade webcomic thingamajig and i REALLY wanna use this as a character theme
if you don't want to, that's fine
Thanks a lot! And you are more than welcome to use this, just credit me with my username. :)
I think "Gens In Terra Propter Somnia", or "Race Through a Land of Dreams", seems like a good title. This song is incredible!
Thank you so much! And thanks for the suggestions. :)
I like it. If I were to name it, I'd call it "Battle For Freedom" or something cheesy like that.
Ok XD Thank you for listening! :)
ummmm i don;t know what to call it but its awesome!
I don't know why, but when I hear this it reminds me of Kid Icarus. Aside from that, I think 'Free-Rider' would be a great name.
That's interesting, I've never heard Kid Icarus music before so I'll have to check it out :D
Thank you for the suggestion!
If you do listen to Kid Icarus, listen to pieces like "Dark Pit", or "The Return of Palutena"
Thanks for the recommendations :)
f you do listen to Kid Icarus, listen to pieces like "Dark Pit", or "The Return of Palutena"
The only title, that comes to my mind: "This is my time".
o man boi sounds like anime intro or soft jpop

its good
Could you put a YouTube link in the description for mobile users?
Really cool!
I would name it Yanagi Hiroshi Taila Porchi. A completely nonsense Japanese / Korean word that will make all Americans wonder what the title means. Nice though. With that first Reverse Cymbal blackness, I thought it was going to be a horrid sounding mess. Boy was I surprised. Lots of energy and very entertaining!