We Will Always Be Seventeen

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Uploaded on Jun 20, 2013

I originally wrote the pop version of this song back in 2001. Recently, a friend suggested that I make a lead sheet for it, so I downloaded MuseScore and as I was doing the melody line, I started hearing harmonies in my head. It then occurred to me to attempt a choral version and this is the fruit of that inspiration. I hope a choral director will decide to perform it someday. If you're a director for a local (Ellijay, GA area) choir or choral ensemble interested in performing this work, I'd like to offer the addition of my own voice to your group as a second alto. It would be very exciting for me to take part in any performance of my work and I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thanks.

I'm still checking this score for any errors and noticed there were a few measures with structural problems, caused by the software. Don't get me wrong, I really love this software and especially, the fact that it's free. Here's what's happening, though: occasionally, a measure will gain or lose half a beat, wherever I've created and edited triplets. It's just something to be aware of.

Something I neglected to edit/cut from this score is where I've added dynamics to help me hear a part better. Occasionally, you'll notice where I've added double, triple or even quadruple forte over a part. It's not intended for you to play or sing it this way and should have been deleted. For this, I apologize, and I do plan to correct the problem before my final upload sometime next week. In the meantime, please ignore all the dynamics. They will be corrected on the final upload. Thanks.

Shushannah Rodgers

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Pages 26
Duration 03:50
Measures 115
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 9
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I used instruments as the voices for the vocal parts in order to hear them more clearly as I was writing. The score is for SATB voices.