Flow of Time

Uploaded on Sep 3, 2017

This is an original composition that I tried to make anime-styled as much as possible. It is suppose to feel like time passing as one looks up at the sky and contemplates life as it is. There are intense moments in life. There are happy and lighthearted moments as well. One experiences all of these moments as time passes and repeats. I was inspired by Snow Halation.

Finished on September 3, 2017.

Audio remastered by MrBenni47.

Anime Flow Flow of Time Time Skylighter Composition Piano Music original sky contemplate contemplation

Pages 5
Duration 03:27
Measures 74
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Nice. It triggers good memories.
back after a year from not hearing this, I started college around the time this post is dated, and I started to feel emotions, sadness, and happiness intertwined into something unbelievably beautiful. It filled my soul with warmth. Thank you for making something so mesmerizing. Like I said, this exquisite. I feel like I can add this into Pokemon B & W and it'll fit in the end credits. This hit home. This is exquisite, as I said before, but it's also beautiful.
Thank you; I'm glad to see that you feel that way about this piece; it makes me quite happy. Anyways, I hope that you well in college, and do your best!
Very nice!
Очень хорошо!
Dang I love this song so much!!! I remember when I first heard it and was like What Anime is this from??? And now, almost a year later, I thought I might be able to do something like this, but after listening to this again, what I did doesn't even come close to this like, AT ALL. Great Work man!!!
Thanks! I've seen what you composed, and I enjoyed listened to it. I think you may be a little too hard on yourself; most of your parts do some like an anime intro. Some of your chord progressions seem out of place for me, but other than that, yours is a perfectly viable piece. Again, thanks for the complement, and I'm sure that you'll improve greatly if you keep at it!
Heya, I'm back!! This is such a beautiful piece :D. (and I just noticed it was uploaded the same day I crossed 100 followers xP)
Welcome back! Thanks for listening to it again; this score just got 1,000 views :D
I don't watch anime anymore, but it sounds like it would be a great opening or closing to a show. Regardless of anime-y styles or anything, though, this is just a good piece! I can tell you worked hard on this piece - and your hard effort worked out well! Great job! :)
This is just amazing, like all the other comments have said. I'll be looking out for it in the opening of a new show.
Wanted to come back to this to say that you inspired me to write an anime-esque song ("Bloom"), so thank you!
No problem :)

I like your song; it's quite catchy and mellow. Nice job!
This is really good, sounds very anime-ish. I like the triplets part. Very nice. :)
I must say I was not super interested looking at the title, but since I recognized your account I decided to listen to at least a bit and this is really impressive. It just feels right. Well done!
It's pieces like this that make me proud to be part of Musescore. Not only do composers such as yourself take great pride in composing, it also has the power to put a smile on anyone's face. I applaud you, good sir or madam, for making the world a more enjoyable place with your music <3
You have certainly brightened up my night <3
-Ceascer Hallenkord
Thank you; I'm glad that you say such things, and it's makes me happy to see that this piece has made your evening more lively ;)
This is amazing!! It definitely sounds anime-ish (though I don't watch anime)
Parts of out especially near the beginning from bar 5 sound like animenz's arrangement of hikaru nara from shigatsu wa kimi no uso.
After hearing this a few more times, this isn't great, it's amazing. Definitely one of the best songs I've heard. :D
The title made me think it would be completely different, but this is much better than I expected. Great Job! I will definitely want to play this song sometime!
Thanks for the complement! If you ever do play it, then I wish you luck ;)
Wow! This is probably the coolest song I've ever heard on Musescore. Great job.
It definitely sounds like anime to me! I can see the Snow Halation in there (I absolutely LOVE that song!)
Amazing! Very anime-ish right from the beginning and very creative! I would recommend it for an intro of anime. It reminds me of some covers done by Animenz, but I do not remember which one.
Thanks; it was my intent to make it as much as an anime intro as possible! I'm glad that you liked it :)
Would you mind if I attempted to arrange this into an anime opening? Crediting you of course!
That would be neat! Sure; you can make this into an anime opening! Let me know if you do finish it :)
Great Piece!!! Very reminiscent of something Anime. I think this deserved a Remaster, (don't know if you already have one), so I did.

Oh cool, thanks for this remastered version; it sounds much better! I may use this version to replace what it sound like right now, but that's only if you will allow it. Again, thanks!
Of course you can use it mate :) Use it anytime anywhere
heh, thats what I was thinking. Maybe it was influenced by that show.
Wow!!! This is so AMAZING. I love it.