Uploaded on Jul 22, 2017

This composition has an interesting backstory.

This was created around the time when I made Rondo in C minor (late May 2017). I had finished my main composition (Rondo) for AP Music theory a week early, so I decided to help one of my friends with his composition. It was a WIP piano piece with a somewhat out-of-place first 8 measures but had a very catchy and interesting four measures after that. Using those four measures as a basis (which is best seen in the first four measures of Ricochet), and a challenge to myself to make a piece in under an hour, I ended up with this composition (lots of copy-and-paste, but it was a fun experience). Originally, it was a loop, but today, I decided to edit it a bit to add dynamics, pedal, and a (rushed) ending. I wanted to post this somewhat humorous piece to show what happens when one attempts a challenge like this. I hope you guys enjoy.

Ricochet Humorous Piano Inspiration No. 4 Original

Pages 7
Duration 02:04
Measures 86
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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