Cuphead: Funfair Fever

Uploaded on Oct 5, 2017

please credit me as transcriber if you use this
I tried to breathe some life into this with changed velocity and accents, because it's full of an energy it's hard to get from the playback.

I hope people find a use for these transcriptions, that's part of why I'm writing them (the other part is for fun)
So if people want to reupload the straight transcription through synthesia or whatever, I think that's great, but
1. I do like getting credited
2. please don't upload something labeled "Rough Draft, WIP" ><


I think a lot of people have noticed that this one has a similarity to a bit from Super Mario World 2 - I'm not sure if the nod is purposeful or not. I'm starting to learn a bit about ragtime form doing these, and both the Athletic theme and Funfair fever have something in common just by being strong examples of the genre. but if it is a purposeful nod, I like it

Original Piece: Kris Maddigan
from: Cuphead, a fantastic game with a fantastic soundtrack

thanks for listening

Cuphead Funfair Fever Cuphead Sheet Music I said I'd do a slow one next how did I end up here

Pages 6
Duration 02:42
Measures 102
Key signature natural
Parts 2
Part names Piano(2)
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License Attribution
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Hey, is it okay if i upload Aviary Action on musescore for you and say it's yours so that it's out there? Cheetah Shooter needs it. He's creating a boss medley.
no, I'd rather have my stuff stay on my account. but I can just send him the part he needs for his medley. Message me about this?
One of my favorite scores on all of musescore :)
Well done! Sounds a lot like the Redneck Rag, I wonder if that's where Kris pulled inspiration from. I've created a group for Cuphead music, if you'd like to share this there: https://musescore.com/groups/cupheadmusic
Bingo! You're absolutely correct! Kris did take inspiration from Redneck Rag.
Well what do you know! I do too: https://musescore.com/groups/4733361
I was wondering if you'd be interested in transcribing two pieces? I am in desperate need of learning them. One is a version of Moanin by Eldar Djangirov and the other is a version of My Favorite Things by Yohan Kim.
man, 1930 people liked mario 64 arpeggios before it existed