Vivace in C-Sharp Minor

Uploaded on Oct 31, 2014

Pages 6
Duration 02:43
Measures 106
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License Attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives
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I didn't feel that it got "dull".
Lots of fire and GUSTO !- but needs more imagination gets dull almost immediately . Repeats work with subtle details altered or things added or after substantial other material.Listen to Vivaldi and Bachs ripieno and tutti's in concerti and you will see how to structue this kind of music. Just sounds like its repeating itself .Liked 38 -41 good idea but you left it .Needs more strong transitions like that and it needs to go somewhere and use the elements you introduce. Now just sounds repetitive which makes it a chore to listen to 2twice as I did - in order to help your fine frenzy here . It's worth coming back to and making something outta it . I wonder if the single line in right hand will be heard against bass in beginning ?
This piece is pretty nice! Good job on the cover, I'll play this piece for sure!
Note I can also play Flight of the Bumblebee full speed without making a mistake or stoping, No left hand say goodbye!
XD couldn't figure out some extra notes there.
This is the best thing I've heard today! You've got a great thing going here.