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IT'S FINALLY DECEMBER!! I know that it might seem weird, but my school band started preparing for the Christmas Concert in October. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to experiment and write my first full band arrangement. THIS PIECE ACTUALLY MADE IT INTO MY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS CONCERT, AND I GOT TO CONDUCT!!! If I can get a link to the video, I'll be sure to post it for anyone interested.

I'd like to thank my band director (who will remain strictly anonymous) for helping me with some final revisions to the score. This piece was an excellent learning experience for me.

If anyone has any feedback for my first full band arrangement, I'd love to hear it. Enjoy :)

Notes: This piece does have a couple flaws related to the MuseScore program. They are posted as notes. However, I do have a way around them...This mp3 file is above most of MuseScore's flaws =) It is here:

Genre: Christmas

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admartin31163's picture

can i use this?

KHOrchestra's picture

Yo, reupload this. They updated Musescore and there are trills now, aswell as glissandos and other new things.

WilhelmRamirez's picture

Can I just say that this is AWESOME!? The tubular bells had an awesome job in this one. Well, thanks for giving me ideas. On December (or earlier), I'll make a composition or arrangement and, most probably, I will use tubular bells.

deathspace317's picture

That was so cool! I'm trying to get my band teacher to let the class play that!

S.G.T of marching bands's picture


TheDoctor32's picture

good job man it was A M A Z I N G!!! :O it blew my mind

TheNewKid's picture

Wow. Hard to fathom how this song is two years old already. I actually think now that I look at it two years in the future that it's a little immature xD

AshBoy....'s picture

Haha, and that's the cue for a spectacular rewrite!!! 8). Or just keep it, cuz sometimes its hard to improve old things. But I've been considering rewriting my Deep Space, cuz yeah, it seems pretty immature XD I think I'll have to leave FOTS how it is.

Sunset17's picture

omg sooooo pretty

spring.tent's picture

What level band is this for?

spring.tent's picture

What level band is this for?

maestrojeh's picture

Wow that's really cool. I actually made a piece for my fifth grade concert and I got to conduct. This comments a bit overdue I'm in seventh grade now. But basically, great job. This was way better than what I did.

maestrojeh's picture

Wow that's really cool. I actually made a piece for my fifth grade concert and I got to conduct. This comments a bit overdue I'm in seventh grade now. But basically, great job. This was way better than what I did.

Nicholas Laney's picture

Hey, if you could, can you post a youtube link of the video? Te link you gae doesnt work for me, I really want to hear it. Thanks!

MusicLover421's picture

That was amazing! And I watched the video of you conducting. I didn't see anything wrong with the conducting, nor did I think you looked like a priest :P. You did awesome! I love this piece!

TheNewKid's picture

Thanks, but I'm still gonna turn red every time someone talks about that video =P

MusicLover421's picture

You shouldn't :). You did very good and this is an amazing piece!

Amythistfire's picture

Yeah, unfortunately articulations like trills, cresc, trem, etc. don't play.

randomuniq's picture

Wow, I'm like in love with this =D Such an amazing job!

newgreatcomposer's picture

Just some questions. How long have you been associated with music and what instruments do you play?Besides a very nice arrangement.

TheNewKid's picture

Well...I play trombone, but It would not take me too long to learn other low brass instruments. Also, believe it or not, this was my FIRST full band arrangement...soo at the time...I wasn't as affiliated with music as I am now.

maestrojeh's picture

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheNewKid's picture

HOLY COW! 2000 views?! Aww... thanks everyone for all of your support =)

maestrojeh's picture

haha you have 5000+ now...

TheNewKid's picture

THE VIDEO IS FINALLY IN........although...I think its kinda embarrasing :P

I think I look more like a priest than a conductor with my hands up so high. I also misplaced a crescendo and lost my beat pattern. I'm a rookie :P

Not to mention that SOOO many things went wrong...but we are only human.

The video is here:

Oh... and xtracompose...our chimes player did an EXCELLENT job on the chimes part.

AshBoy's picture

ROOKIE?! ARE YOU KIDDING? YOU LOOK LIKE A PROFESSIONAL! I myself didn't notice a single flaw in your conducting, you looked great to me. Yeah, I heard the chimes player, he did do an awesome job. The band itself performed the piece adequately, I think I might prefer the MuseScore version myself, but then again, hey, we're all in high school. Plus, as I've found out, some things that look easy or playable as sheet music sometimes completely go the other way. I remember one instance where I tried playing a piece I wrote for 3 violins at school as my final project. Turns out, the hardest part for the third violin was the whole notes. They just couldn't keep count, no matter what I did. That was extremely suprising for me, and we bombed the performance, as none of us were together for half the song. But you did a great job, and I enjoyed listening to a real band play this. Oh, how did you post the video without using youtube?

AshBoy's picture

Haha, also just realized I forgot to favorite this a long time ago. whoops :P

TheNewKid's picture

Naww...I'm no professional :P

We kinda bombed the performance as well...both because of instruments, and instrumentalists. Firstly we are a school of less than much of our equipment stinks; mainly...our timpanis will not stay in tune. Also...half of the percussion couldn't keep track of their music (as our school percussion section is notorious for that) and nobody looks up at the conductor; hence, we bombed the ritard at 39. We also had several problems with staying in tune...especially at measure 30. Although...beggers can't be choosers, and I'm thankful for having the opportunity to make history at our school.

Thank you for the favorite. It is getting me closer to #11, right behind Aurora!

I used the same technique to post the video as I do with all of my MP3s. I use my online storage space to share files with others.

AshBoy's picture

Well, you look like a professional to the real rookie here. But geez, that's a small high school, mine is way overcrowded, like over 2000 kids or something. You could get trampled in the halls. To be completely honest, I like your composition Oddyssey - The Canyon of Darkness the best by far of all your pieces - i think that deserves a much higher place than it is in right now.

TheNewKid's picture

Well thank you!

And yes...I do attend a very small high school. It's one of the reasons I constantly say that I live in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin :P

soccerfan077's picture

THAT WAS ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!!! love how that song mostly featured the french horn!!! :) GO FRENCH HORN!!!

TheNewKid's picture

Yea...I feel that the french horn has the perfect tone for melody. TIME TO SHINE.

hello6130's picture

Wow. that's I can say. Beautiful and well placed dynamics

party953's picture

That's so awesome! Love the beginning and the chimes part sounded fun :) Are you in high school? 'Cause that's pretty impressive.

TheNewKid's picture

Thank you. I'm very glad you like it...and yes I am in high school :P

TheNewKid's picture


As of my current understanding...the video is going now one can hear this piece from a real band =)

For anyone interested...I'll try to get the link ASAP.

AshBoy's picture

AWESOME, excited to hear it. That is, if I can get on youtube.

InsertWaffle's picture

For proper playback for Tremolos and Trills, try turning the whole notes into slurred sixteenth notes. That's what I do. For suspended cymbals, use crash cymbals as the sound.

TheNewKid's picture

that is kinda what I did. It is demonstrated in the MP3 file that I posted, located here:

TheNewKid's picture



brubeckpiano314's picture

How'd you make those eighth notes?

TheNewKid's picture

I just knew that someone was going to ask me that :P permits certain html codes to function in comments. As of what I know, only permits special characters in html code.

The format for any character in html takes the form "&(text);" or "&#(code number);". Most html characters are assigned a number, while some have text.

The specific html codes related to music notes (that I currently know of) are listed below.

Character | html code NUMBER
♩ (Single Quarter note) | 9833
♪ (Single eigth note) | 9834
♫ (Two eigth notes) | 9835
♬ (Two sixteenth notes) | 9836

IAmMuckle's picture

Kudos to you!

insaneintherain's picture

This is great! The dynamics are a bit extreme, and I maybe would have added a bit of variety as to the tempo, but otherwise awesome! This deserves this many views, it's great. The chimes player would be getting a real workout playing the 16th notes in the beginning. Awesome job! Maybe add more variety next time!

TheNewKid's picture

Thank you. I guess the dynamics are a bit extreme...but with a real band and a real conductor, one can add more of a human element that can affect dynamics and such. It is the same story with tempo: a real conductor can add much more emotion than that of which is written. When I conduct this for my concert...I'll be sure to display that :P
Thanks for the tips.

I'm very happy that you like it =)

AshBoy's picture

Whoa, your band teacher is letting you conduct it? That's awesome! I've never really got to conduct, except in my small middle school orchestra when our teacher wasn't there. Have fun with that!

TheNewKid's picture

Well... "having a guest conductor" was kinda his idea, but I'm definitely not complaining =)
Oh...and by the way...The fact that I get to conduct is stated in the piece description :P

JustinDraper's picture

Very great arrangement! I love the dynamic contrasts you have, It really gives the piece more colour! the only piece of advice I might have, is when you're going from PP-FF, like in measure twenty, in the last bar, or even last two to three beats of the bar, crescendo into it. the Loud-soft dynamic changes really work, and I think it would add that much more depth if you crescendo'd into the louder areas. but amazing piece, frankly, Im quite jealous!

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Uploaded Oct 16, 2011
Pages 6
Duration 2:25
Measures 44
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 21
Part names
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet (3)
  • Alto Saxophone (2)
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Trumpet (2)
  • French Horn
  • Tuba (2)
  • Trombone (2)
  • Percussion (4)
  • Timpani
License All rights reserved
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