The Four Elements - Air [Composer's Forum Contest]

Uploaded on Jan 12, 2018

Dear Fellow Musescorers,
I have returned with another score.
This song is for a composition competition, with a 2-minute time limit. Proof of what hard labour can do, this piece took more than 3 hours to do. Like usual, the style reflects the essence of my previous works.
Many special techniques were devoted to this.
Please Enjoy!


contest air 4 elements composition

Pages 5
Duration 02:02
Measures 34
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Another great composition, very enjoyable (and m29 is well done) :) good luck for the competition Li
i hear some rag parts [The Entertainer], overused arpeggios and a little bit repetitive, by the way, it remembers a little bit of UP! (the main theme for a reason LOL) :P

Nice job!

PS: You need some reviews from the other side of the coin, not always positive ones :P
Of course, constructive criticism is always appreciated!! :D
Not to mention my imperfect knowledge in theory!
"Many special techniques were devoted to this, not to mention complex counterpoint."
There is absolutely no counterpoint in this.
You only have 2 lines of music throughout the whole thing except when you randomly insert other notes into the right hand that are not connected to the piece as whole. The right hand is the only melody. The notes in the left hand are not a melody, as they do not present any melodic material. They are for progressoin alone.
I just realized I have mixed counterpoint with harmony. Basic level error... Thanks for pointing out!
Very beautiful... can't wait to hear the other three elements. I'd love to play this if I only had a grand piano though...
Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment.
Actually there's only earth that is yet to be done!
[You don't need a grand piano to play this piece], I don't have one even for myself lol (I have an upright)
Wonderful! The only thing I have to say is at m29, it feels very anticlimactic to have those two low Bs without having a low E as the downbeat of the next measure.
Also there should be a key signature (one sharp). But that's just a super minor thing.
Indeed there would be one sharp, but the tonic is C major. In fact I did not used modulation here, (I don't know the right term to describe this), but from m.9 the tonic have changed.
Amazing! Sounds like a music box I have.