[WIP] The Cadets 2016 "Awakening" - Full Show - Read Description! - Updated 4/22!

Uploaded on Dec 18, 2016

All credit for the snare and tenor parts goes to various creators from SnareScience.com, and any other drumline parts were from the Learn the Music videos!

Otherwise, this transcription was done 100% by ear.

If anyone would like to help with the remaining percussion, that's be great.

[12/18/16] - Posted the score for the brass in the entire opener
[12/19/16] - Started rough copy of second movement brass, started adding Learn the Music parts
[12/20/16] - Continued work on the second movement
[12/23/16] - Further continued work on second movement
[12/24/16] - Finished rough copy of the second movement, began work on ballad
[12/25/16] - Continued work on the ballad
[12/26/16] - Further continued work on ballad
[12/27/16] - Started work on the closer
[12/31/16] - Continued work on closer
[2/27/17] - Added front page
[2/28/17] - Added more timpani to opener
[3/3/17] - Added Zeta12ti's snare parts
[4/11/17] - Started adding tenor parts; fixed the french horn feature in second movement; added some front ensemble to the ballad
[4/19/17] - Continued work on closer
[4/20/17] - Started adding front ensemble to opener
[4/22/17] - Finished the closer (after a four month break, for some reason); added cymbals, chimes, and more tenor to the opener and second movement

dci drumcorps drum corps cadets 2016 awakening trumpet international

Pages 35
Duration 11:01
Measures 446
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 32
Part names Trumpet(4), French Horn(7), Tuba(2), Trombone(3), Percussion(12), Timpani(2), Violin, Voice
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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