[WIP] Bluecoats 2015 "Kinetic Noise" - Full Show! - Read Description! - Updated 6/21!

Uploaded on May 28, 2017

All rights go to the Bluecoats!

To celebrate 200 followers, I decided that I'd start transcribing a show that I originally thought would be too difficult for myself to pull off. Now, with several other shows already completed, I decided I'd at least give it a go. There are bound to be many mistakes, so please, point them out and I'll look into them. Thanks!

Most, if not all, battery parts are taken off of SnareScience.com.

[5/28/17] - Uploaded portion of opener
[5/29/17] - Continued adding snare and tenor parts
[5/30/17] - Started writing front ensemble parts
[5/31/17] - Continued adding front ensemble parts; added front page
[6/1/17] - Started adding bass drum parts; continued working on all other parts in opener
[6/2/17] - Continued work on opener
[6/4/17] - Added brass up to tuba feature
[6/5/17] - Added brass and battery to end of opener; continued working on front ensemble in opener
[6/6/17] - Finished the opener; started work on ballad
[6/7/17] - Started adding front ensemble to ballad
[6/8/17] - Finished ballad; added drumline to the drum break; started adding front ensemble to drum break
[6/13/17] - Continued work on drum break
[6/14/17] - Completed drum feature; started closer
[6/19/17] - Continued work on closer
[6/21/17] - Continued brass through the closer

bluecoats 2015 blue coats kineticnoise kinetic noise dci drumcorps drum corps trumpet

Pages 57
Duration 10:34
Measures 499
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 29
Part names Trumpet(6), French Horn(7), Tuba(3), Percussion(10), Synthesizer(2), Sound effects
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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